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Let's RISE UP to be FREE! Lead With Your Heart!

Let's rise up and express who we are from the inside-out!

Are you feeling confused, overwhelmed or uncomfortable about being you? I understand how you feel. Even trying to figure out what clothing to wear outside the home became a burden. To the point that I saw so many people in public, lacking pride in the vessel that carries their soul - their physicality. All those magazines & the internet drowing us in ads on who we are supposed to be! Do you feel some anger swelling up or even shame?

Are you overweight or underweight, according to government standards? Do you wear your ethenticity with pride across your heart - without feeling shamed? What is going on? Why are we pushed into feeling so angry or shame? I am 100% right there with you wanting to rip it all off of me. I am so over having no interest in being a clone from an ad or being uniquely me shamed down my heart . The truth, most of the rulers/leaders of the world are owned by corporations that sell us goods & services and want us to feel inadequate if we can't buy a lifestyle they portray.

Who are they to tell us who we are or who we should be? When did so many of us rebel past the point of showing pride of what God gave us? I think I have a heartfelt answer. The rebel in us decided to make a statement. But we forgot about our needs and layered ourselves into a deep dark hole of pain, from the shaming. I am so over it!!! Let's rise up and express who we are from the inside-out because we were made in Gods eyes, not a corporations. Let's live in mutual respect and let each one of us rejioce in being the masterpiece we were made. No more middle man/woman between us and our Higher Self.

I say it's time we celebrated every single cell of our uniqueness and toss the old programs of selliing us off & burrying our souls. No more segregation, oppression, supression or shaming! Let's RISE UP to be FREE!


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