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Don't Give Up! Follow Your North Star Passion! Believe!

When you choose to be driven by your serious passion, that is your North Star. That star beckons you, a force pulling you to endless possibilities - beyond your imagination. There is an innate intuition telling you that the experience will fulfill dimensions of you that are screaming to come out and play. But what if your engine crashes before you launch or mental debris gets in your way?

Experience Extraordinary  Dimensions of Yourself by Taking the Risk to Launch
Blasting Off Without Doubs or Fears! Yes Please!

Be gracious with yourself. Most of us have supressed the urges to live a crazzy-azz amazing existence for so long, we forgot how to equip to enjoy the ride. Instead, we self destruct before we even launch, all that self doubt drains our tank. We all need tune ups, fix-its & upgrades consistently. If alerts are ignored, it's crash & burn baby.

Your Passion Blast Off Will Be Better than Elon Musk at SpaceX!

Follow Your Passion Mission To Your North Star:

  • Think hard, know that what your mind believes is what you will recieve. Buckle up buttercup and self talk yourself every day in the mirror with only I can do it shares.

  • Imagine your heart as the engine pumping fuel through your veins to kick start your North Star journey. Only eat things that power up & clean up your body, the vehicle aka space ship.

  • Check your warning lights. Imagine you not having the ignition and combustion to convert energy to operate. If your mind is clogged, your battery is low to barely pump that heart and there is no fuel running through those veins - that's you, getting ready to crash. Correct! Correct! Correct!

  • Your intimate relationship with your body aka vessel, soul aka spirit and environment aka external huge. Taking control of your own vessel ship is huge on landing in joy world aka North Star.

How to clear self doubt to launch!

  • Remember that external influences want or needs control too. Many times, by controlling you, they feel powerful & validated. It's not your job to live for them. Make a list of four things on your fear factor aka self doubt list that you want to conquer that could be the obstacle to abort your launch - do it! I did it and it was like an excavator got all the mind debris cleared out!

  • Remember 'you are what you eat', 'no pain, no gain' & 'what you believe to be true is your truth' (self talk is secret mission success magic).

Believe in yourself. Pain is the magical carving knife that forces you to evolve & grow as a human. Any other type of pain is negligence, abuse & punishment (my opinion). But if you afraid of pain, I promise, it will find you anyways. But more than likely, it will be self-inflicted rather than some type of divine learning curve in life. Do a fear inventory. If its not logical, reasonable or blocking you from living a full life - life coaching and mentoring is a what stars do to find their way. Guidance to your North Star is reason I showed up for you today. Hugs Skye

Skye Shadow became an entreprenuer at seven years old & passionately started life coaching her friends with a chalkboard & colord chalk. By fifth grade, she discoved her love for creative writing & poetry. Skye is a Transformational Life Crafting Coach, Artist, Empowerment Writer & Speaker. Skye is of Germanic, Celtic & Iroquoian descendant and is an advocate for neurodiversity which she believes are super powerful gifts.

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