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Shameless Lies to Know the Truth

Don't listen to what people tell you. Look into the shadows behind their eyes and watch them spill their truth from shameless replays before they were born. Just dig deep into old worn history made to appear as new information. Even before the year 800 (DCCC), old familiar crap was repurposed into pretty sick stuff. But hope, courage and love and

Nothing is new, its just repurposed from history for a rerun.
Be the wiser for yourself. Ride your life proud because you only get to live this one once.

freewill empowers every soul to choose what role they play in this life.

Challenges happening to us right now was experienced by our ancestors, all same-like choices and societal shifts. It's just a repeat of a never ending play. New actors, updated stage, modern stage props and a spruced up power-fear strategy script with some romance sprinkled on it A new version of glitter poop that always lingers, promoted by todays disillusioned jokesters. But you are a force of nature to be reckoned with because your family before you walked with determination through that poop.

The brutality our ancestors endured for us to be here today is unimaginable. We are each the DNA of our ancestors who were warriors, farmers, hunters, merchants, kings, queens, spiritual teachers and everything possible to sustain families. Our ancestors battled to live so that today we could continue as survivors and thrivers - the legacy of hope. 

Humans can suffocate Mother Earth with concrete, strip the land of trees, pollute all our natural resources and put toxins in everything to poison our bodies. But no matter how many exaggerated tall build buildings are constructed so the sun no longer shines in our walkway....just one spark of life can build a fire from hope - everlasting beginnings.  Look at the veins in your arms, that blood is a river of life connecting our DNA with how our ancestors felt within their lifetime. 

We are not victims because our ancestors chose to be that spark so you could become the fire. The stars, the moon and the sun have always led the way for all living creatures to exist, birth, be inspired, expire and rebirth. The cycle of life has not changed and we have so many choices to live extraordinary. Your purpose of life is potent and with each breath you can make a difference beyond any lies, it was their choice - is it your choice?

Be the wiser for yourself. Ride your life proud because you only get to live this one once.  Love ~ Skye Shadow

Skye Shadow is a Writer, Creative, Holistic Empowerment Coach, Artist, Empath, Mystic & Lightworker. She builds stronger wings to empower Healers, Makers, Creatives, Entrepreneurs & Mystics to fly higher. Skye's passion is to lead a thought provoking conversation for every soul to believe and practice their your own Magick. After facing multiple life crushing tragedies, Skye emerged to craft life changing and mind shifting skills that dig deep to bust limiting beliefs. She teaches how to remove roadblocks, how to rein and claim our powerful life force energy. Skye lived the truth that being vulnerable cultivates our greatest gift - to know your life purpose.

*Holistic is my knowing that all life is interconnected to be whole.

*Mystic is my seeking, exploring & discovering intelligence beyond ordinary understanding.


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