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I crashed emotionally & physically so hard - I was paralyzedBut unimagined surprises showed up
that blew my mind. 
Skye Shadow 

At eight years old, in the unfinished bathroom, under the stairs in the basement of our home, my parents helped me set up my first Creative Studio.  It was my sacred space to write, curate art and I had undeniable passion to empower people.  Dad hand built me a wooden desk from salvaged wood, Mom bought me colored chalk for my black chalkboard to create a sign announcing 'Lessons' & 'Workshops'. I hung it up proudly with 'Open'.  

By middle school, it was known that I was the go-to person for friends & family to shift the energy from negative to positive.  If there was chaos, I instinctively knew how to calm the storm and create an empowering outcome. I honestly believed was beholden with magic powers. If there was a problem to solve, I just knew how to turn it around.  My Mom was worried because I unconditionally loved no matter the crime. I always found a glimmer of light in every person. I also wanted to be a visual artist. but in fifth grade, the art teacher told me I wasn't any good and should give up - ouch!  

At fourteen, Dad took me with him to be certified in 'Executive Leadership', created by Dale Carnegie. While working at Nordstrom, during my junior year in college, Nordstrom awarded me ‘Creative Leadership’ and sent me to the Pacific Institute, to be certified in person, live, by legend Lou Tice, for "Cognitive Psychology and Positive Thinking for Success."

With my passion, I moved on to became a successful business executive, servicing & consulting business leaders. I received a national award, 'Leading By Example' in my industry empowering my peers.  But then my world crashed - time stopped as tragic death, destruction and deceit slammed hard into my soul. My OLD world was over.  Like a star hit with enormous collision, I exploded, turned into dust and then died - my light went out. I  started a profound soul digging, heart wrenching, energy shifting and mind blowing self discovery journey.  

You only truly understand what Phoenix Rising means after you go through extreme emotional, mental and physical pain. My heartbeat was my drum to grow wings, one feather at a time. That 'Open' sign at nine years old, was the spark for me to crawl out of a very dark, dismal & depressing deep well of pain.  I am now "Open" for you to be empowered by the tools & wisdom I have learned.  Join me in this empowerment frequency to live your purpose and keep your light lit strong.  Love Skye Shadow 

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