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"Own Your Energy!
It's Your Super Power!"
Skye Shadow 

"I am about making life art!" Skye Shadow

"My spirit crashed so hard that all of me became suspended in time.  For the first time, I knew the focus had to be 100% on my healing or I would die.  But I found a way UP."  Skye 


There is an artist in every one of us that wants to be vulnerable and connect with our Higher Self.  We really want to be empowered, to live the best version of ourselves. If not, we start drowning.  Being the artist, we learn that mistakes are actually building blocks to find our true self. We learn all dimensions of our existence by being vulnerable. 

Being creative is the ultimate form of self expression, it's our direct connection to Higher Powers that elevate our entire being.  When we are creative, we become mindful of our gifts, talents, resources—creating magical energy. We unlock parts of us that are mind blowing and beautiful.  

This journey at Princess Rock iT is about Seek, Discover, Explore and Create. You will find out that you don't really expire, instead you expand your mind - time is just an illusion.  With this freedom, you set out to create a life that celebrates all of you. Then you release programs & patterns that no longer serve you.  


Dear Creatives,











For over many moons, I was in the thrust of the corporate world, often finding myself mentoring some amazing human souls who are now impactful attorneys, designers, architects, developers, investors, salespeople, directors and consulted Owners, CEO's, Presidents & COO's of prominent businesses, on how to align their best assets to accomplish their goals.

I proved myself as a successful executive business woman that climbed the scripted ladder. But then my world crashed - time stopped. I experienced significant tragic human loss and was involved in a physically injuring & emotionally challenging car accident. My OLD world was over. I had a choice to just survive, exist, mourn over the past for the rest of my life or transform. I chose to Thrive! 

Now I am the Creator of Princess Rock iT.  I make videos, host Live interviews with Creatives from all over the world, make & sell my Art.  Every day, I choose to work on Writing empowering books, blog, speak to inspire, produce events & workshops and mentor people to be the ARTist of their LiFE....
a journey to collectively Rise UP!

Once Upon a Time 

At eight years old, in the unfinished bathroom, under the stairs in the basement of our home, my parents helped me set up my first Creative Studio.  It was my sacred space to write, curate art and I had undeniable passion to empower people.  Dad hand built me a wooden desk, Mom bought me colored chalk for my black chalkboard for my "Sessions" & "Workshops" and I hung my chalkboard "Open" sign.  

By middle school, it was known that I was the go-to person for friends & family to shift the energy from negative to positive.  If there was chaos, I instinctively knew how to calm the storm and create an empowering outcome.  If there was a problem to solve, I was the trouble shooter to turn it around.  My Mom was worried because I unconditionally loved no matter the crime. I always found a glimmer of light in every person. 

At fourteen, Dad took me with him to be certified in 'Executive Leadership', created by Dale Carnegie. While working at Nordstrom, during my junior year in college, Nordstrom awarded me for ‘Creative Leadership’ and sent me to be certified at the Pacific Institute, created by Lou Tice, for "Cognitive Psychology and Positive Thinking for Success."

I moved on to became a successful business executive, received a national award, 'Leading By Example' in my industry and was climbing the linear ladder.  But after 20 years, I hit a wall, got in a bad car accident and my life took a tragic spin.  My spirit crashed so hard that all of me became suspended in time.  Like a star, I exploded, then died - my light went out.  I  started a profound soul digging, heart wrenching, energy shifting and mind blowing self discovery journey.  

I started resurrecting by letting my heart lead the way, feeling everything and I grew wings.  My life spun around 360 degrees.  My mind followed to lead me back to re-open my Creative Studio, filled with my Heart, Mind & Soul for  you!  I AM back Open!  Right on Time!

"Buy From Your Heart | Support Creatives"


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