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Dragon Power Coach Offering

CRAFT YOUR CREATIVE BIZ:   Skye has 20 year experience consulting & representing national/community business owners.  Whether your a start-up/expanding/shifting, Skye collaboratively coaches you through the steps to create a strategy plan for successful: merchandising (online/brick & mortar), marketing, public relations, business plan & budget outline for a retail/maker/service business.  This is a chance to mastermind your creative ideas & utilize all her experience.  (Resume provided)

CREATIVE JOY JUICE:   Colors, textures, chakras, energy, Mother Nature, movement, crafting, creating, making....digging into joy for you. Skye guides your transforming journey while you build a sensory awareness of new dimensions of yourself.  Skye coaches to release you from feeling weak, empty, trapped or powerless. Skye will work with you to break out of your cage & invite different artist experiences for a self healing soul dance. (Testimonials provided)

DARE TO BELIEVE IN YOU:  Your lifestyle  feels more like a trap, a cage & you have shielded yourself into the shadows. Skye will guide you through steps to release yourself from societal manipulations & ancestral wounds that are stopping you from starting a new beginning - fulfilling your desires. You will be learning the secrets to explore, discover & harness endless possibilities. (Testimonials provided)

UNAPOLEGETICALLY YOU :   You look in the mirror and you don't see you. Have you been bullied, shamed or been manipulated to feel guilty about looking & crafting your own style?  It take courage to not be cloned or express yourself outside the expectations of all those humans you want to please. Skye coaches your courage meter up to walk the cat walk of life; proud to showcase the beautiful parts of your hiding. Brave to no longer hide behind the curtain. (Testimonials provided)


EMPATH SUPER POWERS:   Most Empaths have social anxiety because they feel all living energy around them. You can develop your mystical skills to curate an extraordinary life & transform others. Skye is an Empath that can coach you on how to utilize those overwhelming emotional downloads as a super power.  We will define your mission & work through lifestyle choices to serve your gifts.  (Testimonials provided)

YOUR ENERGY IS POWERFUL:  You are a luminous field of energy that extends beyond the physical body, and is in a continuous mutual process with Mother Earths energy field.  Skye, also a Light worker, guides you on how to invite & funnel your energy to shift negative life experiences into positive outcomes.  We will craft boundaries & protection shields to protect your energy. You will learn to invite abundance. (Testimonials provided)

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