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Everything you see on this website was designed by "Skye", creator of Princess Rock iT.  Please do not use any information or artistic work, curated by Princess Rock iT/Skye (ownership),  without first asking permission and receiving written permission from Princess Rock iT.

By viewing or using and any content made by Princess Rock iT or those associated (“we”, “us”, “our”, “ourselves”), including but not limited to published curated artistic works (visual/written/audio) books/guides, videos, blog posts, recorded events/episodes, sessions, workshops, products/goods, worksheets, emails, social media and/or all printed/published work (collectively, “Website”), you agree to this Disclaimer, regardless of whether or not you’ve read it.

The Website is, in no way, represents itself to be a licensed medical, financial, ordained clergyman or legal expert.  Princess Rock iT assumes no liability for your personal activities in connection with this Website.  All spiritual, creative and artistic interpretations are at the sole responsibility of the viewer. 

We may engage in collaborative projects with other individuals or businesses (“Partners”). In all cases, we do our best to align our values with our Partners’ products or service.   In some instances, Princess Rock iT may receive compensation for collaborative projects with Partners, monetary or otherwise.

When you engage in activities with any of our Partners, you accept full responsibility for your actions. We are not liable for any loss, damage or representations of our Partners or experiences you incur during your activities.

We reserve the right to to be a member of affiliate advertising programs.  As such, some links to certain third-party websites provide us small compensation when you click or make a purchase through those links.  We will always disclose the presence of affiliate links and make our best effort to make conspicuous.  All purchases or services you choose to engage with from Affiliates is your sole resposi 

No Guarantees
Every person is unique and is not a clone of another.  We create products and services that we believe is create an experience to touch your heart and mind.  There is no guarantee that any person will have the same experience.  It is your sole responsibility to read and listen to the information provided on the website to decide what is best for you.  We cannot make decisions for you, we can only do our best to provide information that we feel is valuable.  

Educational and Informational 
Our goal is to empower and inspire you to create the happiest version of your life and to experience products that we create, but we cannot guarantee any certain results. We encourage you to use the educational and informational resources provided by the Website to inspire and empower you to take action, but you agree there is no guarantee of your preferred results.
Financial Guidance
We are not and do not represent ourselves as certified financial advisors. Information related to finances found on this Website is not provided as professional financial advisors.  Princess Rock iT is not liable for any financial loss or damage incurred or lack of financial gain or loss incurred in activities in connection with this Website. 

Health Guidance
We are not and do not represent ourselves as medical advisors. Information related to health, wellness or holistic practices found on this Website is not provided as professional medical advice or guidance.  We only share resourceful  information that we find informative and based on our personal experiences. All adults are to distinguish and determine their own beliefs.  Princess Rock iT is not liable for any of the following: physical, mental, or emotional harm; or lack of improvement in health or wellness.

The testimonials presented are provided by actual users, affiliations and willing participants of this Website, Social Media outlets, Workshops, Sessions or customers that offered testimonies to the ownership or it's 'dba' of Princess Rock It or Creatives Sanctuary.  They are not presented as a guarantee that similar experiences or results will be achieved by future users or viewers.

Third-Party Websites
The Website links to third-party websites that are not owned by Princess Rock iT.  We are not liable for your activities on those websites. You are responsible for observing the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of those websites.

No Endorsement
Mentions or links to third-party entities or websites do not constitute formal endorsement by Princess Rock iT.  Conversely, third-party entities or websites that mention or link to our Website, we do not guarantee our formal endorsement or consent of/to them.

First Amendment Recited
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Updated – September 2023
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