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Break Out of Your Mind Cage!

Buzz! Biz! Rat Poop! All those out there bragging that their life is so meaningful by getting out of bed, eating, going to work, eating, going back to bed and then hitting the wheel again - mind cage. You know those wheel spinners because their favorite phrase is, "I am so busy." That person is brain washed and manipulated to serve a cult religion in servitude to working like a rat, living like a rat & exhaustion seems to be the norm.

Realize that marketed manipulation is teach a cult of living like a caged rat.
Wake Up Out of The Mind Cage!

For me, I got past nauseum spinning round-round in that disillusioned loop. The movement took me to feeling like a prisoner, prostituting away my life for the Rat Wheel. That cult chant of boasting of being SO busy is truly a flaming red alert that a human mind is enslaved and embezzled. I know! I broke out!

Let's take a little mental inventory to see if your living life with 'zest,' joyful in your passion or 'buzz', just too busy to think about it. Life ZEST or Hive Mind BUZZ barometer:

  • You say I am so busy all the time. BUZZ

  • Your engaging in new groups outside your normal & no co-workers. ZEST

  • Almost everything you do is staged for an almost for sure outcome. BUZZ

  • Your afraid to make mistakes. It's safer to do things your good at. BUZZ

  • Anything that does not match up with your current beliefs, you have definite opinions. BUZZ

  • Even though your current mind set does not agree or finds something uncomfortable, you did deeper to research its secrets. ZEST

  • You only read your cell phone or a flat screen. BUZZ

  • You are reading books about foreign places & inviting people to try new things. ZEST

  • Your craving new experiences, ready to do it solo & not waiting on anyone. ZEST

I am personally and professionally done with short circuiting my life by the spell that has turned so many human minds into walking zombies. I don't want to take my last breath on Earth wishing I had lived my life stronger, braver & continually blossoming. How about you? Let's break the wicked spell that has poisoned and polluted our brain for too long.

Instead of just waking up to take a shower to launch buzziness (yes, I create words) go outside and soak up the rain, sunshine or brisk cold, for at least ten seconds. Look up at the sky, feel the air, breathe in the smells & hear Mother Earths gifts. Just ten seconds! Start feeling through your life completely. How about you start a movement? The kind that serves to reward, benefits the psychic, let's you breathe again and teaches you to feel through your existence? Let's do a serious inventory of truly where we sit on capturing zest in our life or find out if your head is buzzing with noise.

Skye Shadow is of Germanic, Celtic & Iroquoian, spiritual-magical descendant. She is a Writer, Artist, Empowerment Speaker, Life Crafter & Entrepreneur Coach. Every creation tells a story transcended through her ancestral roots. As a Creative, she is willing to be vulnerable: colors speak to her emotions; crafted symbols have soulful meaning, hidden secrets & mystical energy are curated to speak her language to you. Skye is the owner of Princess Rock iT (her artistic creations) & Creatives Sanctuary (a safe mind haven to seek, explore & discover the


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