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Title: The Process of Self-Discovery: Embracing Transformations Beyond Your Control - Awakening

Everything feels different. Something has hit hard in your heart to shift you. Your still moving through your life, but you feel detached from things & people that you used to relate to. You don't even know yourself anymore. The words that are coming out of your mouth sound like a different language and not much feels like you anymore - that's an awakening.

Your Awakening cannot be stopped . Your now discovering all of you.
Shadow work becomes your magic!

My first big awakening happened when one of my best friends died in child birth & the loss of a beautiful healthy baby - both of them gone. My entire life, the stage I lived, that curtain closed. I was never one to show my emotions in public and rarely cried, even alone. I thought crying or feeling sorry for myself was weakness. But when I lost them, my tears flowed like rivers, as though centuries had been damned up in a sacred secret ocean.

I had to leave, get out and be somewhere else, but I didn't know where. Honestly, I felt like my life was suspended in time and I was just watching me make the habitual motions. I kept pushing myself to stay in the same life, do things the same way.....but those tears would not stop - the faucet gushed. I tried every angle to strategize my way out of this new dimension I was living in. But I could control nothing and I refused to submit to the transformation I was gong through. In fact, at the time, I was clueless on what was happening to me. I fought the change, the feelings & my mind was battlefield.

If this is how your feeling, I will tell you that once it starts, there are waves and waves of this journey that is heading your way. So many things will happen, it feels like you live in a fantasy fiction film. But it's real and your not the only one, there are millions of other human that have been triggered by tragedy, trauma, near death or the death or someone they love to crack open a whole new world. Share my blog with anyone you know that is having any of these experiences. I can help guide them through my blog or my Creatives Sanctuary.

Skye Shadow is of Germanic, Celtic & Iroquoian, spiritual-magical descendant. She is a Writer, Artist, Empowerment Speaker, Life Crafter & Entrepreneur Coach. Every creation tells a story transcended through her ancestral roots & other creatives willing to be vulnerable: colors to speak emotions; the crafted symbols, hidden secrets & mystical energy that uniquely speak to you. Skye is the owner of Princess Rock iT (her artistic creations) & Creatives Sanctuary (a safe mind haven to seek, explore & discover your creative self)


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