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Bite My Berry - Never Stop Believing

Do you have days where you don't want to talk, to be seen or you just want to hide? I used to believe it was a weakness to feel this way. But now I know it's actually part of facing ourselves, myself and learning how to not be afraid of the dark. Have you ever sat in a circle of shared a conversation, no one allowing any negativity, pain or darkness or the complete opposite? That used to be me switching sides, not making a commitment to myself.

But that all changed when it got so dark I wasn't sure if I would ever see the light again. I became paralyzed and stuck in the in-between of both of these realms. I am not going to lie, at first I didn't care if I was stuck there because when your paralyzed you get numb and you don't feel the pain. It was a big decision on if I was going to stay stuck or I was going to let go. You find yourself clenching onto that safe in-between space. The question is - should you let go?

I always thought that I was the driving force of my life, but I found out that's not true - I just get to expand my options. But I found out without any doubts that there is a more powerful force, entities and/or wisdom out there that shows up when you least expect it. I am not talking about organized religion, I am talking about a powerful spiritual force that connects all of us, an energy force that weaves every single living soul and life form. It was like when I let go of the steering wheel that I always gripped so tight - a force took over to guide my life where I needed to be.

Many of us get stuck in the in-between and we don't know how to release ourselves from this comfortable paralyzed space. But if we were meant to live there, we would have been born there and were not. So we start talking about it, to anyone that will listen, share and we get strong and brave together. Here is the beginning steps of to release yourself:

Step One - Be okay with being in the dark. I used to be afraid of the unknowns, the evil that I though lurked in the dark. But then by allowing myself to be there long enough, I started realizing that the wounded-wound. Evil is souls that lost there light from so much pain and staying to long paralyzed. Manifest this dark place, as a private place, a secret space, just for you to see yourself, to hear yourself and to learn yourself. It will be you facing any pain that overshadows your life = Shadow Work. When you do the work, the shadows, you find light you never imagine existed - it's magical.

Step Two - Every day in the morning when you wake up and are getting ready for the day or going to bed at night - talk to yourself in the mirror (mentally/vocally). Tell the mirror what, who, when, where and how you were caused pain, distress or feel wounded. Let the dialogue start with the mirror. The self talk with the mirror starts the release and then when you feel comfortable enough start sharing with someone else - do it. You will find that for some magical reason, you start getting answers, guidance and things start happening that you never imagined.

Have hope and faith in the unknown that you can't see - let yourself work through what you feel. I promise that allowing yourself to feel all of it, one layer at a time, as your ready, will ignite a very powerful version of yourself you haven't met yet. Love Skye


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