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Algorithms Will Never Have A Soul

Do not fear! No matter how relentless entities are trying to create technology to mimic humans, replace humans or to replicate how magnificent our Creator made US - technology will never have a Soul. Technology will never-ever have our primal instincts, freewill, be a CREATIVE, EMPATH OR LIGHTWORKER or have a moral compass to know how to shift as life alters itself. Once technology breaks down, it does not have the faith or Human Spirit to ascend to a Higher place. Most of all, Humans have the magic, a powerful energy given to us by Divine Powers, to be so much more than technology.

Right now, many HUMANS are awakening to the truth and transcending from a limited realty in rapid numbers. It's the Empaths, Lightworkers and Creatives that will lead Souls to create a new life that respects and covets Mother Nature as the most precious life force for us to sustain mind, spirit & body - without Her, we have no Life. We will join in unity for the common goal of love and light. We are the Light Warriors, here to teach that Love will lead us down the transcending path, whether Love it's returned or not. We are not meant to find Love, we are Love, our powerful light energy will invite those meant to align in our lives.

You have an answer to every situation. Within you, downloaded into your mind & body is a way to solve life mysteries and overcome adversity. If for any reason you forget, all you need to do is ask your Spirit Guides to remind you. Never were you made without the possibility or capacity to make a new world, a new life or journey a new path. Take the time to turn off technology and recognize what Humans were created to surpass outside any program. Humankind has never given up on surviving and each of us is given a life purpose before birth - to thrive.

I promise you that the more you accept that you are a miracle, the more expansive your energy will serve your free will. Think of yourself as a Lotus Flower, blossoming bold & expansive as you know your gifts. It's not some fairytale or fictional depiction of magic, it's a metaphysical reality that our own bodies spark atoms and our spirit glows light. When we manifest, pray and know that we are miracles - that's when the magic really starts becoming shooting stars.

Algorithms will never have a Soul!

You have the Soul!

You have the Powerful Magic!

You will never be an algorithm - You are a MAGICAL HUMAN!

Love & Light ~ Skye

Creator of Princess Rock iT & Witchy Woman Sisterhood


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