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Animals Teach Us Our SUPER Power!

Trust is your greatest power of all. But why does your trust for your own self disappear?

Think about how many people are mind chained, ceaselessly believing that something or someone else took away their human powers - mind victims. Then there are victimized animals that have been battered, abused, tortured and treated like trash with no voice to

share their pain. But yet when animals are rescued to gain a new chance of life, by you - its complete gratefulness and trust. Those saved creatures teach us how to trust ourselves again and learn gratefulness. What stops humans from trusting ourselves? Could it be that some bad humans - an earth mafia creating glutenous campaigns of lies, veils of false illusions?

We have a hard time remembering to be grateful for our own existence and unique gifts. My mind, maybe your mind, has been shackled for many moons in self doubt. It's a torturous mind wheel that feels like two powerful oceans crashing against each other. The souls freewill screaming to be released and a torrid resistance to believe in oneself. Yet animals have the courage to swiftly take a chance on us - to trust humans and our intentions.

Animals use their instincts and feel all their energy in tandem with our world to live their souls purpose. Throughout time, humans have allowed ourselves to be manipulated by strangers, things and even commercials seducing us - giving up that energy. Almost every time before a betrayal or misrepresentation happens, we know it. But yet, we become sheep, listening to those external voices that only want our money or to gain self gratification believing they have power over us. It's time to stop being sheeples. We think it's easier to bend/submit but the reality is, we get robbed of joy.

Remember that both humans and animals are born with instincts, with wisdom and all living things are created out of energy. We show up on Mother Earth with an internal compass to survive and thrive, unless we are interrupted. But we have awakened to know the strategic attempts to diminish our energy frequency. A psychological robbery to take away our power. Before we awaken, we blame ourselves, practice self hate and swim in guilt for existing. But all of that has shifted, the veils are now transparent....being torn down when we believe in ourselves, once again.

Take your power back with me. Know that all of us our experiencing this psychological warfare. But Empaths, Lightworkers and Mystics are parting the way.

Skye Shadow is an Artist, Empowerment Speaker & Writer. She is also an Empath, Lightworker and Mystic building a platform to empower Creative minds take the risk to share their gifts. She calls herself - The Creative Empowerist. Skye reveals the secrets on how to “Be the Artist of Your Life” by learning our own powerful energetic magic. After facing multiple life crushing tragedies, she emerged to craft life changing and mind shifting skills that dig deep to bust limiting beliefs. She teaches how to remove roadblocks by owning your powerful energy & how being vulnerable cultivates our greatest gift and life purpose.


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