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Artist Burn A Path The Year of the Dragon!

The Year of the Dragon is breathing it's fire to burn a path for a Heart Awakening 2024. Artists work all comes from their heart & soul - we ARE the Dragons! As Creatives set our imprint into this world, we shift the former paradigm to burn open new beginnings. The question is how to blaze the path & how to squelch the fear?

Love Awakening with Hearts Burning Fire!
The Year of the Dragon is Coming!

I went through my first "awakening" in 2010 after a best friend died giving birth to a healthy 8.5 beautiful baby girl. Both lost, trying to save mom and the oxygen was caught off to the womb. It was tragic and the first brutal carving knife to curate my path to become a full time Creative - Artist.

But to be an artist, you have to allow or be forced into being vulnerable to let those raw emotions create the work. Tragedy and trauma is the experience that is the teacher. But so is fear! Without conquering the fear, you don't step forward and become the Dragon. You first have to burn that fear. How to do it?

It's that heart beating like a drum to create the rhythm with your soul, to align - the passion is the fire! The more you open your heart, love yourself....that fire rushes out to blast through any obstacle blocking your way.

What keeps the fire burning strong for me? Music, going out in Mother Nature & surrounding myself with people that support my journey. It can be just one person, even a YouTube video that shoves your tail out of a fear cage. To be the Dragon, you have to build your courage, tenacity & confidence within yourself. Doing it, blows the way for endless possibilities that you never imagined.

Blast you fire through every mind wall and light that fire in your heart! Love Skye Shadow

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