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Be A Smart Marshmallow - Be Your Truth - No Compromising/Submitting

Have you ever heard someone being described as a marshmallow? Guess what brave hearts? We are all marshmallows inside - even in the movie, 'Frozen" no matter how frosty Elsa pretended to be, her feelers puffed out showing her loving insides. To pretend that you don't have feelings, is not only factually false - we are each wired so uniquely - it's not

We can't pretend our feelings don't matter.  Never were we meant to submit or compromise our best assets.
All Of Us Are Billowing Soft Feelers Inside

possible. When someone tells you to compromise or submit, they are asking you to yield what your are, who you truly are and that causes an aftermath of self imposed destructive behavior.

Ever time I try to submit or compromise, there is a thread within me that is vibing some anger or frustration. A war starts on who is giving what, instead of figuring out who has what. How about you? It's like asking me to void out my own feelings, giving up a collaborative design for all of our lives - a mix of the best. Aren't we over oozing out candy coated poop? I watch, listen and learn, mostly from couples and companies that just cannot seem to find the sweet spot.

Conflict is apparent in how they treat each other and all their efforts to try and convince you that its all bubblegum and roses - instead of candy poop. As they yell submit or compromise, there is another group or couple maxing out rewards with collaboration and contribution. They are designing the best of their best.

Weird to me is when people group or couple up and then expect everyone to think, feel, act and move just like them - cloning. Even in a synchronized dance routine, every single souled brain in the line up is consciously making any effort to not be their own unique self. But think about how always, there is someone that stands out, even when every effort is made to clone each other. You will never be able to compromise and submit. So why do we bend into angry birds? I highly recommend you turn the switch 'On' to making a list of everyone's strongest assets.

Let's transform angry birds into sweet success. Change your creative minds to stream the knowing of collaboration and contributions - exchanging out the poop words that make you angry = 'submit' & 'compromise'. When you identify each persons gifts, strongest assets that is what they or we can give. When we ask someone to give something they don't have or it's their weak spot, you are setting up failure relationships/outcomes. Be Your Truth - no compromising or submitting. Only give what you got baby!

So the next time you are curating new relationships or building bridges with old ones, swirl the mind candy in your head. Start identifying the strongest gifts each person has & strategize how each person can contribute and collaborate to benefit everyone. Stop pretending your okay with compromising & submitting to be someone's expectations. You can choose to not be the phantom pretender - just be you at your very best. Ask people to give what they are abundantly strong at. Don't create weak links that break.

Today, I am giving to you my writing gift. I am strong in flowing through empowering words to be a catalyst to your remembering your true strengths. I can seed your mind. You have the choice to grow success. Share that sweet gooey good stuff that easily oozes out of your brain - your unique gifts. Put those gifts into action and exchange the fire that burns around us, yearning for mutual success. Be a smart marshmallow! Love Skye Shadow

Skye is an Creativeprenuer Coach, Empowerment Speaker, Writer & Artist. She calls herself - Creative Empowerist and coined “You are the Artist of Your Life” in her network. After facing multiple life crushing tragedies, she emerged to craft life changing & mind shifting skills that dig deep to bust limiting beliefs. She teaches how to remove roadblocks by owning your powerful energy and how being vulnerable cultivates our greatest gift & life purpose. She shares her gifts to empower you in the most competitive culture that has existed in our life span. Skye is a mind artist of human energy and teaches to paint our life STRONG.


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