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Burn Baby Burn-Baby Phoenix is Rising!

As the fire gets hotter and the ashes shed off the past, the sweet spot is being exposed - yummy! So many decades of shields, deceptions and lies have recently burned off like a wicked carcass making way for a new baby Phoenix to Rise! With that dodgy covering gone, the gooey goodness of a new beginning is melting in your mouth.

There has never been such an "in your face" transparency of what peoples intentions are -

good or bad. High sensory awareness has come knocking on your door and if you didn't think you were psychic before, your going to get a taste of it now. There is no longer a politeness to what is truth. The fierce fire is leaving no trails to clean up later - it's a burning sweep.

Your mind is going bonkers right now already knowing what people are feeling and thinking. They show it and you know it. But don't confuse your own personal feelings with anyone else. Pay attention to what is really your own feelings. This is your new super power. Now how do you get out of your own way to enjoy this new baby Phoenix Rising?

One of the visuals I have always loved about marshmallows is if you sit on the bag, once you get off of them, they expand back. Think of your heart and mind as a rising marshmallow, just like the baby Phoenix. Know that now, during this historic shift in the world, you can step out and go after what brings meaning to your life. Even if someone tries to squash your joy, it will only be a temporary deflation. Only you can design and heal your brain to know truth. Empathy is about giving compassion - never giving up your own self.

Think about it, anyone that tries to take away your joy is a joy jacker (my new term for those entities that get in our way). Those words, "compromise" and "submit" are manipulation words - brain poop. Anyone that uses those words has been conditioned to believe that they have to give up happiness to live in this world. That is absolutely not true. Look up the synonyms for 'submit', it will make you cringe into awareness. Both words were riddled by narcissistic authoritarian powers every time they edited the big book (you know the one).

We are all here to learn from each other, grow more distinct in our individual magnificence and celebrate each of our offerings. So burn off anything in your mind that taught you that someone else was born to submit or compromise their uniqueness. Actions that create great relationships and allow us each to be happy anomalies are "mutual respect" and "collaboration." Each of us is a rising phoenix, burning off the old layers to rise from those ashes to start a new beginning. Naturally it happens and where things get seriously uncomfortable is the refusal to change, to grow and evolve. The yucky sticker - ick!

In fact, when someone else is evolving and we grip clenched claws in defiance, it feels like your nails are being ripped off - it's painful. Release yourself from who you were last year, last week or yesterday. This galaxy is twisting light speed through the Milky Way and you cannot stop your primal instinctual desire to evolve. No matter how hard you may try to stay miserable or settle for 'compromise' and 'submit', that marshmallow is going to keep on getting toasty and gooey good. Desert is now served as confectionary new life. Love Skye

Skye Shadow is of Germanic, Celtic & Iroquoian, spiritual-magical descendant. Skye is a Writer, Artist, Empowerment Speaker, Life Crafter & Entrepreneur Coach. Every creation tells a story transcended through her ancestral roots & other creatives willing to be vulnerable: colors to speak emotions; the crafted symbols, hidden secrets & mystical energy that uniquely speak to you.

Instagram - @princessrockit


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