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 learn, know & develop your passion to live your purpose 

Be the ARTist of YouR LiFe

Let's Create Magic!

Pick Your Potion

Every person is an original artist inside themselves and given the gift of freewill to choose what life to paint.

But somewhere along the way we settle, go into auto pilot and just plug in.  

Fortunately, living linear, the Old Paradigm is no longer releveant.  Creatives will influence & evolve the world.  Before we were not living all dimensions of ourselves. 

That’s why I am here - for you!

It's your turn to 

Seek - Discover - Explore & Create Together!

Love Skye 

Be the ARTist of your LiFe!

Offerings & Fees Below


5d Dimension Ascension

Sessions Open!

Full Body Tattoo

Illuminator Leadership

Sessions Open!


Empath Super Powers

Sessions Open!

I got you! With over two decades of experience, I have successfully launched & mentored startups to million+ dollar businesses. You can count on my knowledge, ownership/investor of successful businesses & thousands of hours mentoring powerful minds through life shifting transformations.

Energy Efficiency Consultation

Lightworker Intuitive 

Sessions Open!


Creative|Sacred|Space Design 

Sessions Open!


Astrology & Tarot 

Bonus Sessions

Seek - Create - Illuminator Package


  • You can pick your potion of which Sessions will serve to benefit your life & don't worry, you can will cross over into other Session topics, we curate your experience. 

  • Onsite Creative & Sacred Space Designing:  We are limited for onsite visits, traveling to you or designing collaborations of your Creative or Sacred space, until pandemic restrictions lift.  All onsite designing is a separate fee structure & timeline. Please email us at to discuss/coordinate.  Skye creates a special energy clearing, energy infusion and enery protection shield ceremony, before, during & after each space design.

Single 50 Minute Session: $111.00

SEEK Package:               $333.00 ($459.11 Value)

CREATOR Package:         $555.00 ($984.22 Value)

ILLUMINATOR Package:   $1111.00 ($1571.33 Value) 

SEEK Package:

✔ Three (3) 1 on 1 Sessions with Skye ($333)

✔ Two (2) Positive Affirmation Readings & Guidance ($66)

✔ One (1) Custom Crafted Energy Infused Spray ($15)

✔ One (1) Month Membership to Creative Minds Rule! ($11.11)

CREATOR Package:

✔ Four (4) 1 on 1 Sessions with Skye ($444)

✔ Three (3) Positive Affirmation Readings & Guidance  ($99)

✔ One (1) Transcendental Card Reading & Guidance($44)

✔ One (1) Personalized Astrology Chart Self Discovery ($77)

✔ One (1) Pick Your Potion Workshop ($249.00)

✔ One (1) Magical Energy Blessed Clearing Kit ($49)

✔ Two (2) Month Membership to Creative Minds Rule! ($22.22)


✔ Six (6) 1 on 1 Sessions with Skye ($666)

✔ Five (5) Positive Affirmation Readings & Guidance ($165)

✔ One (1) Transcendental Card Reading & Guidance ($44)

✔ One (1) Personalized Astrology Chart Self Discovery ($77)

✔ One (1) "Pick Your Potion" Workshop ($249.00)

✔ One (1) "I Heard a Secret" Workshop ($249.00)

✔ One (1) Custom Artist Crafted Energy Infused Bracelet ($88)
✔ Three (3) Month Membership to Creative Minds Rule! ($33.33)

J.T., Entreprenuer 

Chanel, Corporate Executive 

Paris, Digital Media

Skye taught me how tto own my energy is the power, it's my choice to give it away.  Before I was just existing, climbing the ladder, but my heart was heavy.  Now I am exploding with possibilities - every day is a gift. 

 It turned out my soul needed to be uncaged, released & be free to be all of me.  She taught me how to unlock beautiful parts of myself that I love.  I Am proud of my uniqueness.  I Am happy being me.  Thank you Skye! 

I was an expert at blending into  systems & hidden in layers of protection.  Skye saw all of me from the start.  With her artistic and loving approach, I AM an Artist.   I love me for me. Together, with Skye,  doing it!

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