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Unapologetically Being You! 

Don't let anyone steal your power! Are you in a place, a life or an existence you don't want to be anymore?  Most of our lives, people identify us by our exterior. You have a secret - you have Super Powers! We are sorted without consciously knowing it, by high vibrations and low vibrations in our daily lives - our neurons are activated to place us where we need to be, but we get pulled out of our true element.  We get lost into someone elses space - it's not our fit.  How would you like to learn how to stay in the extraordinary high vibration?  Are you done being judged, squelched & suffocated?

Each of us has a spot, a place our uniqueness that fits like a puzzle piece into the world.  If you try to not be you, you will never feel like "home".  We find your "home."

We Don't Apologize for Being Ourselves:

#1 - We look at how no matter what you look like on the exterior, your emotions will dictate your reflection of yourself.  We do some interior re-designing together from the inside-out.  

#2 - We develop a catch & release of other peoples judgements.  Once you understand why we let others diminish our confidence, you learn the most important secret.  

#3 - We tap into what you inherited from your ancestors to find out how our bloodline can produce exquisite experiences or an ugly mess with our best friend - Confidence. 


#4 - We get handed a script while we are growing up on who we are suppose to be.  Remember how we were suppose to color inside the lines.  You will create a new script and draw a new custom lines.


#5 - We will create an understanding of how all pieces of you fit into the world.  You will see how your uniqueness is so vital to the every other person out in the world - how you see yourself, feel yourself, is the secret to all of us healing & thriving.  

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Now, imagine how it would feel if you could...

✔ Every day you celebrate being yourself, joyfully and with confidence. 

 Living completely as yourself, you discover so many parts of yourself you never imagined existed. 

✔ The wealth of unlocking your secrets turns out you have a treasure box of talents unfolding. 

✔ Living with more courage to do things that you have always wanted to experience. 

Here's what you'll get with the workshop:  

  • Live! Four (4) - 40 Minute, Workshop Segments (not narrated slide presentations)  

  • Interactive downloadable workbooks & printable PDF resources 

  • Three (3) Free Months Membership into the exclusive Creative Minds Rule!  

  • Access to three (3) pre-recorded heart crafted Inpirational & EmpoweringSessions 

  • BONUS: Two (2) Tickets to the Exlcusive Higher Self Circle - Own Your Energy,  Positive Affirmation & Manifestation. 

Workshop Date to be Announced September 2021

Purchased separately:  $249.00 -  Includes One (2) Tarot Card Reading

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