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5d Dimension Ascension

 wHAt does 5d mean ?  

 twighlight zone or reality

What is the Great Awakening?

 Whether you feel like time has stopped, your need to connect with nature has escalated, confused where you belong or progessively crave authentic relationships of honesty and truth—you have awakened.

"Being the Artist is Feeling All Your Dimensions." - Skye

Are you ready to create an extraordinary life?

Feeling stuck being pulled in two directions.  You feel like your stuck between two worlds, the Old Paradigm and the New.  It feels like your tied to fixed relationships, yet your soul wants to realign them.  Hence feeling pulled in different directions, it's like an emotional roller coaster of growing pains.  You realize that the world around you has been an illusion of programs.  Old patterns no longer feel comfortable, actually they feel stiffling, even physically painful.  

Triggered emotionally in redefining and realigning.  As you're becoming a truth seeker, you are supersensitve to any kind of dishonesty. Authentic relationships is all that matters to you now and it's getting  increasingly difficult to spend time in light weight "chitter chatter" connections.  It's hard to leave people behind, but you feel distanced from family & friends that don't understand you anymore. 

Unsure how to handle such profound energy shifts. You are experiencing time glitches and time loops.  You leave things in their normal kept spot and they just disappear.  Your perplexed how the linear calendar system no longer makes sense, it feels like a time warp.  Instead, you find more guidance & connection by going by the moon cycles and phases.  Some days you feel very energetic while on others you feel exhausted.  Both the moon and the stars now feel like they are pulling you to them. 

Your evolving, imagine how your life will expand....

✔ Your authentic self is ascending, your deja vu is reminding you of your exhuberance that you forgot.  

✔ New freedom to exist on your terms, you find out you that have metaphyiscal abilities. 

✔ A higher understading of your vital connection, Mother Nature is nuturing your mind, body & soul. 

✔ The fear expiring or death is gone, no longer buying into fear driven expiration dates, ageism and know every single human being is valuable & has a purpose - for eternity. 

 5d Dimension Ascension Offering Below


5D Ascension Offering 

The song we are making is 'I AM Living Heaven on Earth', the band is you and I,  crafting a defining wholeness of your Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul, to move beyond polarity.  We can transform your energy to elevate to your Higher Self to be more successful than you ever imagined.

​ As you shift, you will discover powers to unharness and cut cords that will give you the freedom to own your life.  My life has been crafted to learn how to shift, rein in and guide you on how to discover your multi-dimensional magnificence.  
We can transform your energy to elevate to your Higher Self.  ​More than likely your waking up to so much sensory overload your mind is spinning or you have hit The Wall.  The old program of living no longer serves you, never really did or your ready to ascend higher. 

But it’s time to become the happiest person, be inspired and Create you some Heaven on Earth.

This will be a fusion of one-on-one, *being part of a workshop(s) & Creative Minds Rule!

SEEK Package:               $333.00 ($459.11 Value)
CREATOR Package:         $555.00 ($984.22 Value)
ILLUMINATOR Package:   $1111.00 ($1571.33 Value) 

Click "Start Now"  to sign up to get the full list of inclusions in your package.  This is for YOU!
*Workshop(s) included in CREATOR/ILLUMINATOR Package or can be purchased separate. 

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