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This workshop is specifically designed to significantly shift & expand your powerful energy!  You wake up one day or you spin your mind for years, feeling caged, suppressed, restricted and you are SO ready to be empowered, to unleash your powerful magical juice - energy.  Your ready to break out and craft a life, a business, a new job, a big shift or your just ready to thrive.  No journey, no change and no big shift is without significant movement.     

Five Energy Experiences:

#1 - We dip into the colors of your personality and you see your world, your way, from your unique perspective.  You will find out which colors expand your energy & how to use them to benefit your life. 

#2 - We take one step at a time to unveil what is holding you back/what's blocking your energy from securing all of your magic.  


#3 - We tap into resources in your heart, mind & soul, to find out what you have not yet utilized to serve answering your questions, what guided your former decisions & how you can switch your energy to craft your magic - to live your way, authentically you.  

#4 - We create a circle of energy.  You will learn how to identify low frequency energy that diminishes you and high frequency energy that empowers you.  


#5 - We craft a map of who, what, why, where & when steps that shift your life in the direction to leash your powerful energy to be the happiest version of you. 


Now, imagine how it would feel if you could...

✔ Transform your energy to shift outcomes from negative to positive

 Learn how your energy is so impactful that you can heal 

✔ Wake up knowing that your a miracle with energy that is creating a New Beginning

✔ You have the knowing in you, the instinctual answers through your energy. 

Here's what you'll get with the workshop:  

  • Live! Four (4) - 40 Minute, Workshop Segments (not narrated slide presentations)  

  • Interactive downloadable workbooks & printable PDF resources 

  • Three (3) Free Months Membership into the exclusive Creative Minds Rule!  

  • Access to three (3) pre-recorded heart crafted Inpirational & EmpoweringSessions 

  • BONUS: Two (2) Tickets to the Exlcusive Higher Self Circle - Own Your Energy,  Positive Affirmation & Manifestation, Mediations. 

Workshop Date to be Announced September 2021

Purchased separately:  $249.00 -  Includes One (2) Tarot Card Reading

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