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Secrets to Self Love: 4 Ways To Elevate Our Self Worth

I used to believe self love was just an annual New Years resolution - a reveal party to elevate myself. But then there's that song in my head - don't set the bar to high because you might fail. Wow! How did we get to this place where we just tolerate ourselves - not celebrate ourselves?

Well this journey of self worth has had some very dark moments, where holding a candle for myself has been a brave act with a shaky self esteem. I can't tell you how many times I dropped the candle and just stood in the dark feeling completely alone and scared with questions. Is this all there is? Will I ever be happy? Why do I feel this way? When will things change?

Typically, I found it easier to be to busy and stuff myself with chips to face the dark. But I got tired of the pattern of self sabotage, replaying that song that makes us feel inadequate, over and over again. It gets exhausting just existing & listening to myself - a broken record. Instead of tormenting myself, I started digging in to create learning tools, disbanding weapons.

Guess what? We are a walking vault of secrets, pain & wounds buried inside our soul. The burden can be heavy because we also inherit pain & wounds from our ancestors, i.e. our neurons carry & hold energy. The way to elevate ourselves is to heal. Healing writes a new song that elevates us to self love - our true love song.

Here's 7 Secrets to Self Love | Top chart hit songs to play in your heart & head to elevate YOU!

#1 Hit – Change Does Us Good! Start by making one small baby step out of your comfort zone. Instead of grabbing the chips when your sad. Go to the grocery store and buy beautiful Organic Raspberries, Strawberries or Blueberries. These super berries will elevate your mood & teach you that small things in life do matter to elevate how we feel.

#2 Hit – No Blame! No Shame! Let's stop pointing the finger at all the external stuff around us that is only distracting us from looking in the mirror. We elevate ourselves by acknowleding we are wounded from the inside-out. One way I found is successful way of healing is doing our ancestory chart back 5-7 generations. Their secrets become your answers. This is how we stop blaming & shaming and realize there is a pattern.

#3 Hit Breaking Up With Fear! Cut out social media, the tube, all electronic devices for 1 hour a day. Instead, pick up a book like, "Think and Grow Rich", by Napolean Hill or "The Magic", by Rhonda Byrne and just read 4 pages a day. These books are best sellers for a reason, it really switches fear into inspiration. Plus, it makes you feel smarter than 4 pages ago. Let's elevate. not exasperate.

#4 Hit - Believing is NOT Seeing! Did you know that Christopher Columbus never landed on the north american continent? Did you know the 100 plus broadcast cable networks in the USA are controlled by 8 corporations? We are fed information to be consumers. To believe in you and elevate yourself, is expanding our mind to think for ourselves. It's about unlocking our primal instincts and knowing learning our own truth. Lead with your heart, trust me your mind is impecable smart. Most networks feed you with fear. Feed yourself with hope and put wings on your heart.

I love you! Skye


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