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Joker is that Your Painted Face?

Feel the Energy, Trust your Energy - be mindful of who you share with!

I have been told that I see the world with rose colored glasses. No doubt, being positive and optimistic is a mindful choice. But what I wasn't doing is setting boundaries on whom I chose to share my energy with. If your an Empath, Lightwork, like myself, our energy is like honey serum for those with dense, dark and low vibrational energy. We are the drug of choice to boost them up to do some very wicked things. But trust me, if you are a pure heart, a highly sensitive soul or just flat out an extremely giving person, you can be sucked dry and actually be feeding very bad people with your lovely energy.

You absolutely are helping no one at all by being bled and left to suffer one way or another. The hardedst lesson in life is to struggle hard to gain your own empowerment. To learn how to heal your own wounds and to teach yourself so much self love, there is not need to lean into anyone else - unless you are experiencing tragedy & recent deep loss. But there are those that play victim most of or a large part of their existence because if they feed off of you, they use you all up and never have to learn how to be a giving human being. Remember that giving is not a tit for tat - giving is when your both feeling trust that either of you will be there no matter what. The energy drainers are not givers, they are takers. So what do you do?

First, remember your energy is like gold and the more you invest in peeling off to get to the masterpiece you truly are, the more likely you will be a glowing gem that all will notice. So yes, you are a comodity, a product, a possession to people that choose to use up your amazing glowing light. It sustains them for a period of time, before they need a refill.

Second, know that anyone that soaks up all your energy or makes you feel shame, blame or exhaused = that's a huge clue that you have become a comodity. Not so nice? Right? Your correct and if your even doubting yourself, then your a supplier. Those that do not do their own work in life to seek their Higher Self are going to pull you right down with them, once they are done draining all your liquid gold. They will get angry, maybe even hostile and try to manipulate you to get more...........RUN. Otherwise, you wil find yourself depressed, supressed or oppressed.

Third, there will be some very big hearted people that have been conditioned or are sucked into the vortex of repeating the same relationship scenarios over-over again. Guess what? They are stuck in a loop that goes round and round.........endless misery of going nowwhere. Until they figure out they are stuck in the loop, you will get exhausted hearing the same story but with differenct actors = the rerun movie that has gotten perpetually ridiculous. So what you say is, "I love you so much. I appreciate your pain and frustration but this is something you will need to work out because it honestly sounds similiar to other conversations. It doesn't sound like I have anything to contribute to help you get out of this loop."

Why must you do this? Because otherwise your the one stuck in the perpectual and never ending loop that will take you to very dark places that you have already visited to many times. It's time to move on and rise UP! Be the ARTist of YourR LifE! Paint your life, not someone elses. Check me out on Instagram for weekly Energy Highs! Love Skye


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