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Dear Creative Creatures,

I am sitting here eating rubard strawberry crisp that I made - fresh from my garden. My journey of choosing a plant based lifestyle has paid off big time. I am not telling you this to impress you, it's too share a secret. A secret that blocks or unlocks our beautiful creative mind.

I transformed from a muggy mugle head to a human that could create visual art in her dreams. I can now mind pop, just like a toaster pop tart, creating ideas all day long - awake or sleeping. Eating directly from Mother Earth, your clarity starts opening endless oceans of possibilities. It's a freak show of mind expansion with an applause!

When I eat fresh from the earth, I make magic, writing on paper and painting on canvass. The end results blow even my mind and realize there is so much untapped magic inside of each of us. But when I eat grocery store, most restaurant food and at family events shares, it takes me two to five days to get my clarity back. I feel lost in a fog, my emotions take a low vibe dive and I start over analyzing everything - but get no rewarding return.

I found out how potent & powerful Mother Nature is and how our societal terms and conditions have turned on us - robbing us of endless possibilities. We turned on ourselves by stopping to stay connected with the truth of who we are - a pure organic masterpiece. But if we don't feed directly from Mother Nature and stop feeding our minds with toxic poisons that block our beautiful creative minds. We take back our freedom by taking back our minds. Be the ARTist of YouR LiFe ~ Love Skye


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