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Feeling Safe To Create????

One thing most Creatives experience is that until we feel safe to create, we spend more time overthinking and questioning our value. Every stroke of the brush, push of the pencil to make music, strategize a new biz launch, curation of personal services and seriously thoughtful offerings - absolutely a risk management calculation in our brain. The "what if's"

can completely destroy an entrepreneur from launching or evolving a magnificent business idea. First entrepreneur questions: Why is that?

Well I had a very informative experience just last week. In talking to a former colleague, a very high performance structured-corporate arena I left, she said to me, "when I retire, I would like to creative as my hobby just like you." I immediately felt my gut clench, so I know what she meant, even though it was no an intentional slam. The old stigmas don't die in frowning on creative businesses. Those that cheerlead us can also stoke authoritarian projections.

Throughout time, even in 2023, with all the successful Creatives, proving that you can be financially successful, still those that are afraid to step out of the programmed structure, deflect & project on those that dare to take the risk to think, feel and develop a business that is fueled by our souls passion. Personally-professionally, I have been a independent contractor/entrepreneur for most of my life, starting at eight years old. Even then the neighborhood kids questioned my idea to start our own carnival to make money. But.....

My Mom & Dad believed in me 100%. Dad sawed out a clown face out of a board, Mom helped me string a clothes line for the "Go Fish" game, Dad provided the fishing pole, etc. Only after my friends saw the development of the carnival and saw that I truly believe in my new business, did they step forward to earn candy money with me. As adults, all around us people are brain washed to doubt that a creative entrepreneur is a real business boss. Second entrepreneur question: Why is that?

I dove deep, researched, observed & have lived all these questions and projections. What I found out is that just like the 'Bugs Life" animated movie (every entrepreneur should watch it), you have a choice to be an Ant, living in mindless programmed conformity or live a life of freedom where your personal passion is the fuel. The way to feel safe to create:

  • Surround yourself with like minded humans. Never see other entrepreneurs as competitors taking away your business. See them as adding value by seeing what works for them - learn from each other. There is a piece of the market for every business with approximately eight (8) billion people on Mother Earth.

  • Curating anything, expands learning about yourself because you have to be willing to be vulnerable - be open to make mistakes to find what works for you. You can choose to just create as a hobby. But what if you had a side business to experiment with how it made you feel? It could be the beginning of your self made career.

  • Practice-practice-practice! See everything you do as a practice instead of the end of trying. When you have an idea, step into it even today it doesn't completely match up with your full intention. Every masterpiece first looks like nothing really, it takes layers of time to mold & switch out the methods to get satisfaction. Even be okay with not liking the end results of any creation. Your teaching yourself that internal & external environments are blocks. Find a practice that clears your mind, soul & body with distortions. Every block is a flag to stop, nurture yourself and clear out any cobwebs in your mind.

Feeling safe tp create in life and/or as an entrepreneur is a process of you learning what your true fears are. So knowing your practicing taking risks (seeking, exploring & discovering), it's a journey, that will remove many blocks that you will create out of fear in your head. Let's face it, those comical mouth pieces out there doubting us, are scared cats that admire your courage, but don't have it themselves. Show them what brave looks like! Never settle for would of-could of. Skye Shadow ~ Creative Empowerist

Skye is an Creative Entrepreneur that guides, coaches and empowers other Creatives to be the artist of their life. She is also a Speaker, Writer, Mixed media artist & Maker. Skye Shadow is a conscious leader, with over twenty years experience launching-coaching-consulting successful local, regional & national businesses.

After facing multiple life crushing tragedies, she emerged to craft life changing & mind shifting skills that dig deep to bust limiting beliefs. She teaches how to remove roadblocks by owning your powerful energy and how being vulnerable cultivates our greatest gift & life purpose. She shares her gifts to empower you in the most competitive culture that has existed in our life span.


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