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Your Soul is Inside the Candy Store

YOU wake up every morning and some days you don't feel sweet, you don't feel happy and you don't feel excited about starting the day. You beat yourself up because your mind is running off a list of why you should be grateful - but your soul is at odds with yourself. Baby, we change every single day and unless your a robot instead of human, you can't be anything else but you in that moment in time. But it's time in 2021, after so much extraordinary change in the world, to allow ourselves to create a new recipe of confectionary magic that matches our soul's desires. More than ever, we need to give ourselves the freedom that allows growth outside the old-weathered candy box that we previously packaged ourselves into.

Imagine yourself opening the glass door of a candy store, walking up to the counter and gazing through the glass. Let's envision your soul is inside that glass - what do you see? I must admit for me, on some days, everything looks hazy and I don't even want to see bright red candy apples and chocolate dipped orange slices. For some reason, I punish myself. But for today, let's artfully create a new candy box, design it our way, select those yummy treasures in our soul to be eaten with pleasure. How about we create such a delightful new box of excitement about life that waking up in the morning is exciting?

Let's create some sugar to find the new path to swallow dreams that taste really good. Let's fill a new box with our souls essence that gives us direction - creatimg the right ingredients for a delicious new life. Imagine all the tasty treats that melt in our mind and feed our soul. See ourselves as dream weavers, not timekeepers. How about we create soul candy that brings us the most amazing pleasure ever in 2021?

I love you Creatives ~ Skye


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