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Empaths Super Powers - Magic! Magick!

Empaths = a human highly attuned to the emotions and feelings of everyone and all the energetic impulses around you - magic! magick! How do I know, I am an Empath, everything I share is from my lived-knowing experiences and the truths I have discovered. Your essentially a unique and rare Unicorn that didn't choose the gift - it was given. Empaths are an energy grid/a satellite for all human emotional projections. Most Empaths do not realize they have surpassed the threshold of discerning which feelings are theirs or someone else (plus all creatures). You get so charged and tanked with life energetic fields - constantly. It's exhilarating, fascinating & draining.

Hate has become a trend. Empaths have the powers to shift emotions into love.
Empaths Can Teach Love

Empaths feel everything on such a deep emotional level. For me, it feels like I am sitting in a soft lounge chair in the middle of a chaotic twister of life...swirling around me - in the eye of the storm. You witness the marital rituals of thunder and lightening, jolting through your body or a slow climax. At some point, you must find some peace and silence.

Some Empaths say it's a curse and a gift. I believe it's a super power. If you want to learn how to find peace, message me - it's a crafted art form. Like any super power, you have to hone your skills and learn how to not only protect yourself, you must understand your gifts. Otherwise, you hold self hate, self doubt and feel like an imposter. You will try to fit into the norm because you are told/feel you are weird, hide your true self and then you start sacrificing living a spectacular existence. People sense when you have something beyond explanation. So trying to hide your gift will only perpetuate self diminishment and leave the door open for others to mimic your self defeating behavior (yes, we have that power too). How is that benefiting anyone, especially you?

Let's start relishing and looking at the benefits of being an Empath. First, everyone is transparent and even if initially you are not tapping into their energy fully, that's okay, it means you have done a really good job on protecting yourself (take your time). You will reach higher levels of expanding your psychic abilities, as you are more conscious of your own participation in co-mingling your energetic emotions with others. You will learn to immediately lock out any further engagement that could be destructive to your own mental health.

Second, because once a mind gathers it's decisions on how it should decide to feel, based on past experiences or principality (governing & parenting authorities influences), the emotions become a persons reality in that moment in time. When you engage with someone, your learning about them to reflect & learn how to discern your own truth. But it's really important that you do not confuse your mental and emotional truth with another human. Theirs is theirs - yours is yours. Instead (if you choose), you observe, witness and dip into how being each others mirrors, teaches us how to find our own joy, passion, hope and sovereignty. Keep it juicing up your own self awareness.

Third, benefit to being an Empath is evolving in understanding that no living creatures or human is identical. In politics, the media or religion, there is a power greed motivated effort to conform us to think, speak, feel and see the world the same. Right now, labeling into a group is the trend that only serves a specific entity that desires to herd power & gain psychological power over that specified group - eventually the masses.

Empaths know that power mongering over others emotions only creates chaos, destruction and has proven throughout history to fail. Every human has their own communication language, beliefs, and expressions of who they are. This is why Empaths so intensely feel all the chaos around us: people fighting to be united under one label; attacks on others that do not hold the same beliefs; and the push to medicate emotional bondage.

Empaths understand that peace comes from within Self, not from the chaotic external world fighting for power over others. To do anything other than give mutual respect for our divine beautiful differences is against the laws of natural. To defy this law is when we find ourselves dealing with an emotional warfare (depression, suppression, rage & feeling trapped). Are we here to love ourselves so that we have so much extra to pour into the world around us? That extra love is also a super power to give permission for other humans to build their psychic, empath, mystical & holistic gifts - to step out in courage.

The real war in humans is within our own mind, body and soul. Empaths, you can teach and guide others in giving permission to make themselves their first true love. You are amazing healers, empowerment and we can feel when someone is growing love within their heart or not. For so long, Empaths have not understood their purpose on Mother Earth. You can feel through every layer as you lead in your career, business, home and wander lusting in your life journey. Find a space to use your Empath gift to shift one person life by feeling what they feel and if they are ready - teaching them how to love themselves whole!

Love ꧁Sᴷʸᴱ Sᴴᴬᴰᴼᵂ꧂Creative Empowerist

Skye Shadow is a Writer, Creative, Holistic Empowerment Coach, Artist, Empath, Mystic & Lightworker. She builds stronger wings to empower Healers, Makers, Creatives & Mystics to fly higher. Skye's passion is to lead a thought provoking conversation for every soul to believe & remember in your own Magick. After facing multiple life crushing tragedies, Skye emerged to craft life changing and mind shifting skills that dig deep to bust limiting beliefs. She teaches how to remove roadblocks by owning your powerful energy and how being vulnerable cultivates our greatest gift & life purpose.

*Holistic is my knowing that all life is interconnected to be whole.

*Mystic is my seeking, exploring & discovering intelligence beyond ordinary understanding.


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