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Dating Apps is Death to Psychic Love

Okay, I tried the experiment of dating apps after moving back from Austin to Seattle, Bill Gates Brainiac universe of the USA . In Austin, you are outside everywhere listening to music, eating the best global food ever from local entrepreneurs, watching live shows, hiking, kayaking & meeting first generation travelers or homesteaders from all over the world - the phone is not in their face, peoples smiling faces are. Not sure what's going to happen with Elon Musk & Oracle recently moving in. But Elon has no problems getting dates.

At first, I rebelled, refused & yearned to move back to Austin or anywhere else where socializing person to person is the natural experience to meet my future partner - I was finally ready. As an Empath, Psychic, Artist & Transformational Life Craft Coach, it pained my soul to submit to such a dismal decline in human experiences. I would like to thank my family for giving me the push into the dating app world so I can write this heartfelt observation & real life experience - to save you psychic death.

I would like to note that my doctor told me that all of her patients from 18 to 90, cried telling her their dating app stories. Men told me it's a brutal battlefield. What I found out after trying it out for three months is that people treat the app the same way they order groceries to be delivered to their door. They swipe/decline the products they do like and put the ones they might like in their cart. Then they press the button & show up to pick up their merchandise. If your ingredients list does not meet their controllers list, your mentally returned to the cart or expected to perform for the night (yucky sticker). I have never seen such objectifying of the human spirit.

I crafted a thoughtful summary of what type of person I believed would be my best match, shared my favorite things to do & showed current pictures of my actual real time life. I received tons of likes for my photos, but rarely anyone wrote me a note of why they were interested in my internal beauty. So they left it up to me, to make the first move, i.e. they were scared or lazy & I was forced to be the brave human.

Before I even met some of them, they wanted to sex text/chat, haha, like a hooker. Obviously, not reading my profile that I was actually highly intelligent & grounded. When I showed up, they were shocked that I was really me & asked me why "I" was on a dating app - such a comedy satire. They couldn't believe a healthy, whole & loving life woman was on the app. It made it really harder for them to hide their truths from me or fake their truth.

The majority of the experiences were like an interview for an arranged marriage or mail order bride. Overall, they didn't want to put any effort into building an enriched relationship (even though I was clear on my profile I was looking for a life long partner). Their interview was, let's see if she (me) matched up with cloning them & they had a list of servitude expectations to benefit their needs/wants. Of course, there is always a needle in the haystack. But bouncing in the dating app hay is confusing, overwhelming & does not deliver quality results 99% of the time.

Every single time I met up with someone, I came home and took a really long bath, meditated, cleared my entire soul with Palo Santo wood smoke & my energy had been sucked out of me. No one can convince me that A.I. is the healthy strategy to match up with mates, dates or moron behavior. It's soul sucking, heart drowning & only serving the greedy to make money off our psychic health. Let those that choose to use others for their own benefit, pay for it from a service worker that can make a living to pay their rent.

Yes, impossible is possible, but honestly, it takes less time & there is a lower risk of failure if everyone just turns around and starts communicating with who is/those around them in real time. I choose me, my psychic health and I am willing now to be vulnerable enough to talk to potentials in grocery stores, bookstores, music events, restaurants, festivals, crystal stores and even on my social media interactions. Now it's on my terms, for my heart & it's just pushing me to evolve. I bounced out of the matrix B.S. Love you, Skye Shadow.  


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