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How to Develop Your Magic - Energize your Possibilities

I used to believe that magic was what we saw on the Disney Channel and old movie depictions. Magic was portrayed as turning people into toads or kissing them to make a prince. Overall, it felt like the message was magic is a curse or a gift, depending on who held the powers.....and that it where the lie slept like Sleeping Beauty, in a man made coffin with us all looking through the glass (really sick - right?), dead from magic.

The truth is our body's has scientific neurons to communicate with all life forces to invite or say stand back to everything that has energy. WE are made of energy! Your energy is the magic - if you ever felt brainwashed or the eurphoric feeling of elation, that is magic = energy. On a spiritual level, Higher Powers made you that way, so enjoy your gifts. So how do you harness your witchy-wizardness as a human?

The most important secret is to believe you are magical, that you can utilize your own energy to invite things to happen, stop or be redirected. You hone your magic by practicing by starting out small to build confidence. I first started fixating and manifesting a message to someone I knew. Every time I doubted myself, nothing happened. The stronger I believed, the more my work paid off with results. Praying works the same way, when you manifest to the higher powers and ask for what you need, the response will be expressed to you based on your current emotional state & what you truly believe to be true (higher powers know you - there is no fake outs baby).

Now, there is no failure, to the point where I have to stop some of my feelings & thoughts and pronounce in my head or out loud that I want something different. You can say Stop! But you must really want what you said or thought to be replaced, right then, in complete honesty. I will tell you that my very wise and magical Mother told me at a very young age, "be careful what you wish for, it may come true." If I am in an indecisive, stressed or pressured place in my life, things really go crazy and I can either spiral down or up - believe that your feelings from your thoughts are energy. Trust me, you are the same, each of us was created with free will - one of those gifts us humans are born with. But what we wish for may not be so friendly. Also, if you wish something bad on anyone or any living thing - it will come back to you.

The next secret, which really is the twin to you, but you keep on losing your sibling - Confidence! Once you fall in love with who you are as a sovereign human being and completely accept that you are a magnificent masterpiece put on Mother Earth - something very extraordinary unveils itself. You must learn to flip flop the idea that you are supposed to compare yourself to others and know without a doubt, there will never-ever be someone just like you, i.e. you know you want to be you.

I will be having a workshop in January 2021 on how to develop your magical powers. IN the meantime, during the holidays, this is a perfect time to start with step one -


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