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Sticky Fingers - What Does It Mean?

Tell them to stop those sticky fingers from ripping out and twisting the pages of truth. Under every presidential or monarch reign, books, definitions and meanings are changed to serve the level of power the leadership desires to possess over the people. It's rather insulting, tipping their crowns, believing that people have a hive mind and think all the same like

clones. Royalty can change, twist and even scratch the eyes out of every word, but human souls will still have their own personal beliefs, principles and determination to be unique - it's in our blood. Each and every person filters the meaning of information so differently, so uniquely, no one will ever nail us to their manipulation, forever-we wake up. It's a joke on any authoritarian-ego-minded entity to believe that being dishonest can ever pigeon hole people to give up their goodwill, trust, honesty and integrity....the people RULE - not fake- outs!

The more someone tries to mow us down, make us all tidy to fit their agenda - puke on it. Anyone and everyone can change the meanings of words and try to intimidate our intelligence. Let's be realistic, what's the meaning of 'desert' in the English or any dictionary. Not even a book can give us one definition in ink. If the royal hinny's think they can rule over our brains and since we are the ruler of our hearts, don't you think we have the power to define things our way, any time, any way. So let's start taking back what life means to us and the meaning of everything.

Don't accept anyone taking away what really matters to you or dilute the lineage of people that suffered and celebrated life before us . Words describe our feelings, emotions, the state of affairs and help each of us have a universal language that helps us understand each other. Right now, everything out there in the wild world is trying to test us, teach us how to conquer our fears and challenge us to stick up for what's right. Stop listening to the reigning terror of deceptive attempts to take away our absolutely amazing freedoms to have meanings that matter to us, that let us talk to each other, to get each other.

Art speaks! Make up your own words, right down phrases in a journal that push the limits of caging in our passionate communications. Go to a used bookstore and find old dictionaries that dig out our ancestors' pride and joy of curating words that speak to truth, justice and factual discoveries that brought us here today. Don't let anyone cancel out our past because that's how we learn. Knowing where we came from and how people felt and thought before we got here is wisdom, a catalyst to knowing our bloodlines evolved. Yes, being modern is spinning this world on our heads, but we all need roots! Let's say no to cancelling out our ancestors, no matter how good or bad it was - that's how we learn.

Calling all Empaths, Psychics, Mystics and Creative Entrepreneurs to hold the powerful energy of words!

Love Skye ~ Creative Empowerist

Skye is an Empath, Lightworker, Mystic, Writer, Mixed Media Artist and is building a platform to empower Creative Entrepreneurs. She calls herself - The Creative Empowerist and coined “Be the Artist of Your Life” to lead a thought provoking conversation to learn your magic . After facing multiple life crushing tragedies, she emerged to craft life changing & mind shifting skills that dig deep to bust limiting beliefs. She teaches how to remove roadblocks by owning your powerful energy and how being vulnerable cultivates our greatest gift & life purpose. She believes the only way to thrive is to get on the stage of life and learn how to ascend in the most competitive culture that has existed in our life span. Skye is a mind artist of human energy and teaches to paint our life STRONG.


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