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Ringing in Your Ear - Unlock Me! Unchain Me!

Inked Secrets by Skye

Once Upon a Time, there was a world where human beings were programmed to supress their emotions and convinced that it was their destiny to be consumed to work very hard, most hours of the day. In fact, the sadder, more fearful and depressing you could tell a story or write a song about no joy in your life, you were more accepted, maybe even famous.

Humans even competed to be the most mistreated, made to feel like robots at their job and lost touch with the meaning of family, community and giving each other ample time for tender loving care. Many were so unhappy, sucking up the sadness, numbing their hearts out that they even stopped listening to music or creating. Humans tried to comfort themselves to be happy by buying more material things & eat food that made them sick. But there was this emptiness, a bottomless pit of swirling sadness that would Not go away - one human heartbeat at a time stopped playing, like a drowning sad song.

One day, a giant mental shiny wall, tall as Mt. Rainier, erected from a Spiritual Cosmic force, upon Mother Earth. The wall had carvings etched in deep of living creatures, ancient words and symbols. Each carving had colors of red, yellow, green and purple blue, painted within the etchings. There were splashes of white spread across birds, mountains and moons. All of the living creatures had eyes created out of gemstones or crystals, light shining through each. Humans were painted on the wall, adorned with bright colored patterned or vibrant clothing - displaying joy for life. Depictions of dancing.......(to be continued on Tuesday, October 13th, 2020)


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