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Crafting OUR Meaning of RICH!

I have some secrets for you on how to be RICH! What does RICH mean to you? Write down one thought then keep on reading - let's start crafting a meaning that serves us better-the best for us. Most of you have figured out by now that the legacy that has followed us in our DNA is to trust what is broadcasted by corporate companies and politicians as telling factual-unbiased truth. We desire to trust, to believe that leaders of companies, parents, cities and countries are thinking about how to benefit all of our lives - sharing. That sucks because our ancestors and all of us have been perpetually lied too throughout every century to snatch out the true meaning of being RICH.

Curating RICH - Releasing Yourself From Mental Bondage
Release Yourself to the Fake Meaning of RICH

We have been sold out to believe RICH is to own things, to be in financial debt, give and to work hard as three or four people, to be significant consumers beyond our needs-means - to benefit who? The strategic marketing ploy is a mastermind to keep those in power to feed off others, to only benefit a small few. Nothing has really changed throughout history - fear & manipulation is used to convince us that it's an honor to be puppets of deception. Greed is not a trend, it's been living it's glutenous life forever on Mother Earth, i.e. it's not going away - so wake up to your birthright-human intelligence. Get RICH now!

Creatives are curating wealth by crafting meaningful lives - RICH! Without a doubt, most woke up over the last few years stuck in a lock down-shut-pause. All of us had lots of time to think about everything as we knew it before (did it really make us happy & is that acceptable for my future). With politized pandemic causing so much mental suffering, came a blessing, a gift, or a whole new level of awareness of what has/has not made us brought us joyful fulfillment, i.e. being fully dimensionally human. Most have awakened to be enlightened by the pause in the world. You found out that all that material stuff does not make you rich, nor do you need most of the crap shoved down on that credit card.

Most people have not been satisfied with their lives for a very long time. Could you figure out how to be happy or did you (or someone you know) just adapt to feeling something is missing? I know no one that did not go through a huge psyche shift recently. Write down how many days last month you were happy. Keep it, do it at the end of every month. Start learning to know RICH.

The TRUTH - RICH is our freedom to explore, discover and an exchange the natural experiences & each others gifts - it's building bridges between our hearts, minds & souls. If your stimulation and sensual (senses of the physical) tank experiences have been empty or you afraid to tap into those resources within your own body - why? Stagnating your sensory engagements is like whipping your back over-over, self-punishing yourself to make every effort to feel numb & subserviently suppressed. Resuscitate by doing something new every day that's on your list of wants & wished. What really brings truth, joy and prosperity to our lives is discovering new things to delight our minds. We are designing, crafting and bring back RICH.

Take the value off plastic things, humans and put the value on experiences that are long lasting ways that funnel euphoric energy. When you die, do your really believe over indulgence is the noble legacy of truly being RICH? I think NOT! Think: Emotional exchanges; proven actions; and what really made your feel alive and juiced up with harmony/jacked up with vibrancy. Here's is list of tapping into being RICH (add your own):

  • Take the time to notice those around you - what do they project upon you? Are they encouraging a healthy & hopeful life or they bonded to victimhood mentality or negative emotions that sink your soul? Your soul needs faith, hope & evolvement.

  • The art on your wall, do you know who the artist is, it's name & origin of creation? If you don't, find out why and discover how that piece of art reflects your emotions. For any reason, it's just matching your home, just a utilitarian or mindless purchase - stop doing it. Invest in creations that has soul in it's making. Your mind needs enrichment.

  • At night before you go to bed, do you lie in a tub full of essential oils and Epson Salts to allow your body to revitalize - give back to the gift you were given at birth. Notice your skin, your largest organ in your body and covers your entire surface. It's a magnificent wrapping paper to envelope your heart, soul and mind.

  • When you walk outside, do you pick a place that has nature all around you or is it just a sprint for the car or bus to hit the job force. Do you really believe that is RICH? Are your eyes, nose, ears and skin absorbing luscious smells, delightful visuals, magnificent sounds and feeling the experience through your skin? Such a RICH experience.

Your RICH can never be bought, sold or exchanged. RICH is now a truly meaningful stance in life, not a status or entitlement. OUR RICH gives us fluid enrichment and teaches us all faucets of treasures we each behold within our own spirit. Start writing down every day, how your RICH life is growing more expansive every day. Love, Light, Peace & Joy. Creatives are wealthy and rich with meaningful lives! Love Skye

Skye Shadow is an Creativeprenuers Coach, Artist, Empowerment Speaker & Writer. She is Germanic, Celtic, Iroquoian, Empath & a Lightworker descendant. Skye reveals the secrets on how to “Be the Artist of Your Life” by learning our own powerful energetic magic. After facing multiple heart crushing tragedies & impactful years of experience, she emerged to craft life changing and mind shifting skills that dig deep to bust limiting beliefs. She teaches how to remove roadblocks by owning your powerful energy & how being vulnerable cultivates our greatest gift and life purpose.


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