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Madly In Love With Weird

Growing up, no child called me weird - I was magical. We all enjoyed playing make-believe, sharing whimsical thoughts and even having imaginary friends. Parents thought it was normal for children to expand our minds. It was pretty sweet when I entered the adult work world and thinking outside the box was encouraged. But then one day, some control freaks

decided it was time to crash our creatives party and attempt to squeeze us into a restrictive vice of mental pain. Look at me, do I look like Cheese Whiz?

Today, us free thinking creatives are labeled as weird. Luckily, I spent quite a bit of time in Austin, Texas over the last five years, where weird is a label of being the coolest person on Earth. So as I sit here in the Emerald City of the USA, confused as to what happened to this edgy-gritty fun loving town, I say YES! Thank you so much for anyone that calls us creatives weird. Because every single day I would rather be an anomaly and think outside the box, think deep & feel for myself - no fake human replicates. Those that rule with all that money are not going to bully me to bow down to boring.

The acceptance of mimicking someone else or something else like robots is becoming the new normie world. My artistic mind shuts down when I get sucked down that rabbit hole of being psychologically manipulated with all the controlled technological communications. Now, animated digital characters are replacing humans as the new singing & dancing stars and human best friends replaced with techno fake friends that don't challenge each other to be a better person. Who do you believe wants to think for us?

The global $mperial rulers are teaching that everything can be so perfectly controlled, you can have such a idealic life, choosing the virtual environment as the new living space. But let's think about it. Art is about allowing yourself to make mistakes that magically turn into masterpieces. Which makes artists even weirder, because to curate hand crafted and master minded ideas, we have to release ourselves from conformity to make the magic happen. I believe there are more powerful entities out there cheering on the Creatives!

As we live our weirdness with pride, we are becoming the rare weird human Unicorns. Secret, still a little afraid of those mystical creatures. But I think I am starting to feel more comfortable realizing why Unicorns have that giant stabbing long spiked horn on their head. It's to protect themselves from being caged. I know that us Creatives, the trendy weirdos, are the ones that are bursting people out of mind cages and are the saving grace of humanity.

Free thinkers, free spirits and free speakers use the techno screen as a communication tool to share our authentic heart crafted artistic expressions, but not as a human replacement. All Creatives need to show up, grow their Unicorn horn to teach others how to madly fall in love with weird & be proud that we have the courage to step out. Throughout time, Creatives have been leaders to move humanity through tough mental times. We have the power to speak by teaching every willing soul how to be the artist of their life and not be afraid to be seen. Fear is causing people to seek an alternative mind state. Let's help them love being weird.

Be madly in love with weird. Join my Creative rebellion at Princess Rock iT ~ Skye

Skye Shadow is of Germanic, Celtic & Iroquoian, spiritual-magical descendants. Skye is an Intuitive Abstract Mixed Media Artist and an Empowerment Speaker, Coach & Writer. Every creation tells a story transcended through her ancestral roots & other creatives willing to be vulnerable: colors to speak emotions; the crafted symbols, hidden secrets & mystical energy that uniquely speak to you.


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