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Candy Coated Soul Cracking Wide Open

All the good stuff is in the middle. All the sweet, rich and undeniably magical marrow is in the soul. When you get a taste of the magical secrets of someone's soul, you have earned their trust.

The secret is to let them open up, not pry to gut them wide open. To not trigger fear, tears or pounding self righteous greed.

You are one in a billion, trillion and never ending miracles on this Mother Earth. We are not born to know right away how we use our unique gifts to deal with life hardships. Those horrors or harsh obstacles that can feel like an ax chopping away-hack are lessons to unlock our gifts!

The oozing pain, dripping out of our hearts, can spill into all parts of our life. But the Willy Wonka river is getting thick with ancestral suffering and haunting sacrificial blood for you to remember your mission on Mother Earth. For each of us to know that the vessel that carries our soul, the thoughts we create and how we treat each other is powerful human energy. To unleash knowledge, the ax needs to fall, to crack us open like a watermelon, to expose all the juicy magic.

Today, right now, you may feel like vampires are eating away at your candy coated shell and your nice & politeness is fading - sweet candy minded shells dissolving. The more they rip, tear and crack, we feel as gutted like cattle, a herd - the Amazon Rainforest. You are being cracked and you will be fighting back. What is wrong with being forced, punished or shamed to kneel downs to corrupted greed?

Crack, crack.....crack, until our soul wakes up from it's sugar plum dreams. Wake up! The candy canes are getting sharper, taller and everywhere you step is getting sticky. Thorns growing out of the shadows of past crimes on humanity. Poke, poke, poke.........there you are

my sweet soul, it's time to wake up and fight for your right to live a joyfully blessed life.

Skye Best found her passion in creative writing in third grade, recited her first curated poem in 4th grade and dove into journalism in 5th grade, blessed by teachers' & family encouragement. An art teacher in 5th grade told her she would never be an artist. In High School she was selected to be the Editorial Editor for an edition of the University of Washington UW Daily. Due to a change in personal circumstances, Skye gave up her journalism scholarhsip opporuntity to puruse a degree in Fashion Merchandising. Her path shifted again to become a marketing director, then a vice president in corporate commercial retail real estate. But life jolted and crushed her by a series of life tragedies & losses and picked up her pen & brush to expand her wings in the Creative Arts once again. “Without a doubt, the pen and brush feels like a magical wand that healed me and broke my soul out to freedom!” ~Skye~


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