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Beautiful Psychic Kaleidoscope Mind

I don't believe in disloyalty, nor breaking promises. I do believe in endings for new beginnings. We are all like Butterflies, a beautiful kaleidoscope of joy, trauma, resilience and a metamorphosis of multi-dimensional new beginnings. When everything is aligned, we grow wings that are strong and courageous enough to launch into flight. That's when we

are actually 100% all of ourselves and happy. Inside ourselves, we have the knowledge to feel through all of our sensory awareness to make choices that elevate our life - to be magic. For centuries, power hungry entities have squelched our powers by convincing us they should think for us. But we can invite whatever we choose to be in our life.

My Mom always told me to be careful what I wished for because more than likely it will show up. Our minds are wands that can shift and invite whatever we mindfully believe could/should show up - good or bad. In fact, we are all born with psychic abilities as part of our human magnificence. But how do we tap into the gift?

Psychic Beings

Do an inventory of what's missing or why you don't feel complete. How do we reignite our psychic frequencies?

First, do a heartfelt inventory of what type of life you have created today. If you have a hard time concentrating, it's easy for you to disregard others peoples feelings, can validate being selfish/self absorbed or expect instant gratification. Knowing that's not normal human behavior, it’s mind enslavement. That acknowledgement starts untangling you from the bondage of deceptive practices. Truth of your true powers will always set you free.

Second, You need to admit that you have been trained like a dog to do what your told, to not think for yourself and you have become a slave to societal programming to shut you down. Most of us have been traumatized or wounded by generations of behavior passed on by our ancestors. Our ancestors were the first to be stripped of their gifts and with each generation, our knowledge of our psychic gifts were purposefully forgotten. In fear of punishment, scorn or death, our ancestors didn’t realize their fear would diminish us today. Then it was protection. Now it’s a punishment for being our truth. But guess what, we are taking our power back!

Beautiful Mind

Between one to ten, how happy are you? If it's not a ten, parts of your mind are shut down. Your magic has been trapped inside you. That's the reason why so many people don't respect others or themselves. Let's take our honor back and unleash our magic.

First, the most important knowledge is to understand how beautifully designed your mind, your brain is actually created. Both of your brains, the one in your gut and in your head function in unison to empower you to know things before they happen and sense how to resolve any danger or how to achieve pure satisfaction. But if you ignore either of your brains, your life can become miserable or barely tolerable. Turn off the A. I. and turn go learn your family tree. You will find secrets that explain your current disposition. Curate your own story, not someone else.

Second, psychic powers are not just gifted to a small percentage of people, it's everyone - a birthright. You know danger is present before you see it. We are all wired by our genes, biological makeup and soul spirit to have connections with all living beings & things. Each of us is connected to Mother Nature, animals and all universal consciousness. Spend time in the forest, the beach and time with animals. You will see that they did not forget who they are. Let them be your teacher and help you remember.

Kaleidoscope Mind

We were created to experience all five plus dimensions of ourselves, just as we can make art multi-dimensional. If we were only meant to see directly what's in front of us or a little to the right or left, we would be insects instead of humans. Insects do not see a kaleidoscope of multiple images. Don't you want to be ignited with more than just the norm-boring existence?

First, close your eyes and see purple, red, blue, yellow and green. Tomorrow, go outside and count how many birds you see. Find four or more cloud formations and try really hard to see faces, objects and imagine that they are symbols sending you messages. What are you doing? You're expanding your daily programmed stream of information to start thinking for yourself, outside the box. You will start calling experiences to yourself by just being more aware of all the symbolism around you.

Second, give yourself a second name, one that means something to you, expressing who you are today - your pick. Your legal birth name was created for you to be presented to society, for you to be a certified human and to make sure you're in the tax system. For some of your parents, they passed on generation names or created a name that represents who they are - but is it how you feel? Our birth name and nicknames were given to us for reasons that do not define all dimensions of you today. Think of a name that empowers who you are right now. Next to your name, write down one color that most resembles your personality today. Also, write down one crystal type that makes you feel strong and whole. Mine is Clear Quartz. Also, right down the powers of that crystal. These are your new identities. This act will immediately expand your mind about yourself.

Next week, I will take you to the next level of your psychic powers. Ride with me!

Love Skye ~ Creative Empowerist


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