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Use Anger to Funnel Creativity

Dear Skye Shadow,

I get really mad and distracted with all the chaos out there trying to get into my head. It seems like it's a constant whiplash of the media & people being megaphones to repeat the scripted negative agendas. I get triggered, then I spin out of control with emotions that can be paralyzing or destructive. It feels like something is trying to stop me from being happy & it seriously blocks me from being creative & productive. I am a marketing director for a graphic design company. There is nothing worse than feeling dread when I am suppose to be sourcing opportunities to build my companies brand. Advise? Lucy L.

When something makes your mad, use that fuel to benefit creating something that benefits you.
Using Emotions To Funnel My Creativity

Dear Lucy,

I was feeling the exact same emotions as you over the last few years. Without a doubt, we have all been pressed so hard & it's hard to not snap. But I have a secret that is working for me. How about you funnel that furry to benefit your creativity?

All that negative noise out in the external world is like a Hornet bee that stings but never runs out of venom. I found that when I am really geared up, I have an extraordinary amount of energy that needs to be released. Now I funnel that furry into projects that need keen focus or I procrastinated. The madder I am, the more projects I get done that are typically a grind or not my top favorites. My motto now is "not today Satan." Let's use that sting as a potion to benefit our passion.

Skye Shadow is of Germanic, Celtic & Iroquoian, spiritual-magical descendant. She is a Writer, Artist, Empowerment Speaker, Life Crafter & Entrepreneur Coach. Every creation tells a story transcended through her ancestral roots & other creatives willing to be vulnerable: colors to speak emotions; the crafted symbols, hidden secrets & mystical energy that uniquely speak to you.


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