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The Biggest Break Up of Your Life - Two Big Moves to Take Youself Back!

When we feel the barest is usually when we are feeling all of our truth.

How about we stop this madness? It's felt like land of the body snatchers my entire adult life. I am so over the fake romance of duplicating, replicating, idealizing and mimicking someone else from our screen. It's a painfully scary, unnerving and flat out war with our mind, breaking up with those comparisons. But I started shedding all those other people off me, well still in progress every day, one layer at a be bare - to be happy just being me.

Feeling vulnerable is tough. Not pretending to be someone else is a big reveal, being 100% authentically loving our own true self - it messes with our brain washed psyche. So how did I do it? Is it worth it? Look in the mirror and do you feel joy being just you? Is the weight of comparison burying your life into darkness or shadowing you to not feel the happiest version of yourself? Those answers will bite you to read further for freedom. Who wants to be stabbed in the soul by the manufactured-measuring ruler anymore?

First, let's start by breaking up with the people on the screen we don't know, who get paid big bucks to sell us stuff from mega dollar product/service corporations. The trauma is we get really attached to this brand image person we don't even know. The best way to wrap your head around the beginning of the break up is to realize that we are trauma bonded with these comparisons. The screen become our fantasy friends & family. We are manipulated to feel shame or lack by not measuring up to the images, the lifestyle or talents of our virtual fantasy besties.

Two Big Moves to Take Yourself Back:

First - Acknowledge these fantasy people are paid to sell you products/a lifestyle and it's staged or acted to look extremely glamorous. Go on Wikipedia and check out the net worth of the person/people you are trying to emulate a manufactured thrilling life. The numbers are usually huge. Most are paid actors or celebrities, i.e. that's how they built that net worth. Acknowledge they are a celebrity that is getting paid to sell you goods & services, they are not your bestie that brings you soup when you're sick in bed.

Second - Know that billions are spent to convert you from being happy with your life - to encourage you feeling of lack of abundance....into cash. Research with a couple clicks, how much money the mega companies spend to watch, learn & listen to how you move - so they can sell you to buy. That's how they target their audience, to figure out the words, images & tone to manipulate you into believing you need to be that person on the screen. Fact: "In 2019, Amazon's global advertising spending amounted to eleven billion dollars worldwide, up from 8.2 billion dollars in 2018" and; "The Fashion Industry Spends Over $500 Billion Per Year On Advertising." (both a click on Google)

Can you see why there is a big financial gain by convincing us we are not okay? We will never-ever be anyone else but ourselves, no matter what the exterior of ourselves and our lives look like. So let's stop buying & bonding into fantasy relationships that are manipulating us - instead of loving our true selves. Let's free ourselves from narcissism. Let’s do the biggest break up of our life! I don't want to be anyone else but me anymore!

I love you! Skye


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