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Loving Beautiful With Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop is blasting love on my speakers as I write to you today. What I love about him, he just does him, maybe it's time for you to do you. Being beautiful isn't the shoes you wear, nor those ruby red lips that perk up when I look at you. If you haven't dug deep into your soul the last few years, what can I say? You did miss a life opportunity to learn to love

yourself deep & strong. So why not start now, with me and Iggy Pop, too, of course?

Forced lock down taught us that self love is the real love - the best romance ever. Most of us had expansive reflections. Did you realize that love really is not an external stream of romances that never fill the glass full or people telling you how beautiful you look? Let's pretend or say that we all live many lives, each as a different character, looks & in a different vessel.

Ask yourself, how many time do I have to travel to the next life time before I figure out that I am the love boat? I make it happen, no one else. Not some other person telling me that I am pretty fabulous, for a moment, maybe two minutes or many painful years heart tears. I tell my brothers and soul sisters that from my viewpoint, real love is through thick & thin, not just when some lover believes you match up with their expectations. If you believe that, you are just playing a card game like 'Old Maid"? Clones don't do love.

You must love all your scratchy stuff, tulip fields & the wild rides that might make you rather nauseous. Plus, anyone that you choose to share your life adventures. There are the surface friends that skate along with you until the ice gets thin and you crack - poof, they are gone or just hang around for some trauma bonding. But family that stick by you through everything (including those you adopt due to undeniable loyalty), that's the love, those are the keepers that know your the cherry pie. Love always waits for you when your absent.

Look in the mirror and start talking to yourself. Say, "Hey you, I think I love you." Then give yourself a huge smile. Both my maternal grand parents talked out loud to someone, I guess it was to themselves or maybe some legendary famous people. Honestly, their conversations were interesting, intriguing and rather comical at times. I have decided that I am going to work on telling myself all the reasons why I was born, why I am still living and become my own best friend. Why? Because my Mom told me too. Little did I know that she was going to die from a surprise-rare disease a few years later. You should do it to, she was a Taurus Mom.

Beautiful is NOW going to be HOW we live our life, not the surface of anything - looks, conversations, friendships or thin ice. It's time for beautiful to mean going out there and doing things that feel good because it makes you feel rich. The rich that feeds your soul, blows your mind more golden than a goldfish & tastes better than any desert. Beautiful is what your going to create for your life - mine too. If you forget to love yourself, just ready what I write, I won't let you forget. We are going to love beautiful with Iggy Pop. Love Skye

Next Week - writing with Joy Division - Song, Transmission (just discovered them)

Skye Shadow is of Germanic, Celtic & Iroquoian, spiritual-magical descendant. Skye is a Writer, Artist, Empowerment Speaker, Life Crafter & Entrepreneur Coach. Every creation tells a story transcended through her ancestral roots & other creatives willing to be vulnerable: colors to speak emotions; the crafted symbols, hidden secrets & mystical energy that uniquely speak to you.

Instagram - @princessrockit


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