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Lightworker Purpose

How DO I know I'm a Lightworker? 
Why do I have these urges?

How do I use my positive energy &  healing powers? 

 You often perplex people with how you philosophically seem to know so much, even as a child.  Between being highly intuitive or your innate wisdom about life, your understanding on how to cultivate your natural healing gift will change lives
you can succeed in your purpose

We Can Understand Each Others Multi-Dimensions Like Art - Skye

"As we ascend, it becomes so obvious that each of us has our own language.  But once a Lightworker finds their Soul Tribe - the heart is home?"  Skye 

Brother & Sister Lightworkers,  do you resonate?

You want to save the world.  Deep inside, you know that you’re ready to do something great, but you cannot figure out exactly what it is or you've been afraid to start.  Very likely, since you were a child, you had a deep calling to save the world, didn't know how and it often made you feel anxious or depressed. It's tough in this world being an awakened human being who bears the highest interests for all living beings on Earth to expand Spiritual Light.   We will dig into your secret treasures to find your mission purpose & how to move forward with confidence.  

You feel like an alien from another world.  Feeling awkardingly different is your normal.  It's difficult to fit in, wrongly judged or labeled "weird" for not being a conformist.  Unlike programmed mainstream humanity, you are compelled to change the old structures and create a new world that is based on more freedom and love. Ever since you remember, you’ve been contemplating the meaning of life and your purpose.  Now it's time for you to know your purpose.  You will learn how to tap into your ancient soul, to elevate the awarness of your true heart & soul journey.  
You have a lot of “dark stuff” going on.  Being a beacon of light, you also attract blocked heart chakra souls, energy vampires, narcists, and people who drain your light.  But you feel the need to help everyone, lift human spirit, like  a calling you can't explain.  Every Lightworker has one or more special areas that are more difficult for them to heal and which can hold us in the darkness longest.  It can be a vicious cyle, trying to hold the light for lost souls, being held in their/your dark, you can sink very deep.  Together we will create manifestations to move you throught the darkness to stay strong, to heal & to give you fluidity in sharing your gift.

Conceptualize if those echoes in your head were answered...

✔ Feel like you are making an impactful difference, know you are expanding light in humankind.
✔ Live in your purpose and confident in your mission, fully remembering & understanding your gifts.
✔ Unafraid your different or others limiting beliefs, embracing your sacred gift with others in unity.
✔ Joyfully heal with Spiritual Light, utlize your strange dreams & downloads as divine messages.

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Lightworker Offering 

You are gifted with the Sacred Role as Healer & Guide.  Your an awakened human being who bears the highest interests for all living beings on Earth to expand their Spiritual Light.

Lightworkers, also referred to as Crystal Babies, Indigos, Earth Angels and star seeds, have the psychic ability to intuit what other people are thinking, feeling, or need in order to heal.  Our ability as Lightworkers to receive intuitive guidance, requires us to have a strong sense of our Higher Self.  I am here to mentor you as we identify which distinct abilities & strengths you posses to accomplish your mission to help others.  It can get lonely being different, being a spiritual volunteer to act as a beacon for the Earth, destined to serve humanity.  I know how impactful the struggle is to find your “tribe” or feel as though you really fit in anywhere.  But it's time to remember who you truly are.  

This will be a fusion of one-on-one, *being part of a workshop(s) & Creative Minds Rule!

SEEK Package:               $333.00 ($459.11 Value)
CREATOR Package:         $555.00 ($984.22 Value)
ILLUMINATOR Package:   $1111.00 ($1571.33 Value) 

Click "Start Now"  to sign up to get the full list of inclusions in your package.  This is for YOU!
*Workshop(s) included in CREATOR/ILLUMINATOR Package or can be purchased separate. 

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