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Astrology & Tarot

How does Astrology & Tarot  help us understand ourselves?  Give us guidance?

Astrology and Tarot are two very distinct philosophies, but they share a similar astral background and an inextricably close framework. Astrology focuses on planetary movements for guidance.  Tarot concerns the mystical powers of the cosmic universe.  It is essential that we understand that a whole universe of behaviors, feelings, and thoughts exists as potential within us and that we are constantly tasked with choosing which ones we will act upon. 

Astrology is a recognition that we have free will.   There is a direct relationship between the activities of the planets and human activity on earth.   Astrology teaches us how our flaws and gifts will always present themselves as parts of a grand cycle.  


The tides are at work inside us as the human body is about 75 percent water.  The moon and the sun combined energy forces, create tides in Earth's oceans and in you.  In fact the gravitational effect is so strong that our planet's crust is stretched daily by these same tidal effects.  Astrology at work. 


Tarot has been in existence for thousands of years to be a reflection of our human spiritual journey.   Our deeper selves are always looking to expose an understanding of what we already know - but sometimes unable or unwilling to recognize the truth.


Angels fly into your awareness in the Tarot, it’s a good idea to consider what kind of messages are winging their way into your life. Bear in mind angels may show themselves to you through the cards. Each card in a reading might point to the divine message you are intended to receive.

Good energy always attracts more good energy. Listen to your intuition, even if you have no reason to believe it is right. Your intuition is the voice of your heart and it will protect you. You can hone your intuition by paying attention to it, trusting it and using it.


Tarot opens the conversations of self awareness to promote a greater understanding of our true feelings.  Affirmations cards are useful for daily self-analysis, meditation, or to delve deeper into the mysteries of the answers we seek or already know, but need confirmations. 

​Water, Air, Fire and Earth is part of every living thing and Astrology expresses the connection we have with the Universe the day we were born.  Every star, the moon, the sun and every element of Earth is part of each one of us. 


Angels are divine messengers, intermediaries and liaisons. They move easily between dimensions and realms. They can do this because they are intimately aware with the ways of energy and spirit.

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