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Sucking Your Marrow - Love Harder, Try Harder & Be MORE!

Have you been lied to - someone pretended to be something else to fool you out of the truth? I took a hike with a friend today to the beach by my house and along the way we talked - really deep. We found ourselves, both, being faced with betrayals from people that we trusted. A year ago, I would have just given into the word "narcissistic" and been okay giving them a hall pass to being swallowed up to the void in their heart space. But today, I know it's a gift to remind me to love harder, try harder and that the challenge is to be MORE of myself.

What the heck do you do when someone you love hurts you and you want to write with a permanent marker on their forehead, "narcissist' or "betrayer?" We are human - we are going to feel the sting. We can cover up the pain by pretending it doesn't bother us or we get so salted by it - we soak ourselves in sticky-feel dirty pain. You know how we ponder over and over the "how?" How can it be so easy for someone to treat us with such thoughtlessness? How can people believe it's okay to get serious entertainment by playing your heartstrings to suck your marrow to fill their hallow spot in their heart.

Now, today, I realize that we don't have to take it, accept it or even buy into betrayal. WE can love ourselves harder, try harder and heal our own wounds so that no one can salt our old wounds and we can be MORE! If you draw a lotus flower/tree and above it write, "Star Sanctuary." This is OUR new space, above our Crown Chakra (Crown Chakra is right above your head where a majestic crown floats). This is an extremely powerful space, outside the dome of ALL human behaviour. This Star Sanctuary is outside all Earth existence. Every single time someone tries to mess with our head, heart and trust - we take ourselves to our Star Sanctuary. What are we going to do there?

IN the Star Sanctuary, first I am going to greet you a cup of cocoa any way you like it and we are going to observe down on the Earth Plan what happened. Then, We are going to feel through it completely and ask ourselves many questions to find out what we were meant to learn. See, no longer are we going to get sucked into the victim mode because that puts us in a state of fear. Instead, we are going to know it's a gift from our Creator - this challenging human was sent as a teacher. Every single time one of these teachers shows up, we will recognize the tightening of the heart strings and spin it into energy to learn something about ourselves. From this day forward, we know that learning from these teachers is one of our Super Powers!

Together, we are learning to suck the marrow of what life. We will be MORE!

Be the ARTist of our LiFE! Love Skye


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