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Spinning Mind Taffy

How far will we stretch our claws to clench the freedom that we so desire? What if the real freedom is spinning right inside your head and not external but internal? Think about all the fear that is pumped into our media to teach us that someone that does not look like you, live like your or even talk like you - you should blame them for your fear. Who wins?

How is it that when we came out of the womb, our innocent souls only identified people by how they cared for us. Then when we started attending public schools or society downloads, we were taught to compare ourselves, divide ourselves and to distinguish our value based on exterior attributes, not love in our hearts for each other. I am the lucky one, the elders in my family filtered out the external programming and taught me how to dig for the truth.

What we need now more than ever is to go deep inside ourselves, to start healing from the inside-out, all that we have been taught on how to fear other people as our enemy. Look in the mirror and think about every time you were bullied or made to feel less than. See that person's face and look into their eyes. What do you see? If you feel through your vision you will see the person lived in fear because they too were taught fear, maybe even lived in horror. Maybe if we get to understand each other - we can start loving each other again.

Think about all of the people you have met. How many of them were caught up in clenching onto being a victim? How many of us find ourselves mulling over the same wounds over and over. Does it feel like we are encouraged to stay wounded and live in fear by mainstream information? If we live in fear, who gains from our spinning minds and endless belief we live in lack?

What if we were crystal clear that we each have the capacity to obtain anything that makes us happy, together, in unity - every single human on Earth? What if we feel through the heart of every other human being like they are ourselves? Spin your mind with all the possibilities of walking down the street feeling the heartbeat of every soul knowing they desire to be healed from fear. Visualize that every person believes they are loved. What would our world then look like? Love Skye


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