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SECRETS: Knowing A Creepy Crawler

We feel nausea, awkwardness, spinning energy and there is an unsettling that won't let us sleep and align ourselves in harmony - that's the knowing. The harder you try to ignore the creepy crawlers, doubt it and pretend something isn't happening, the faster it unravels into truth at the threshold of every Empath, Psychic and Mystics doorstep. You know when the creepy crawlers are starting to invade with the dark force energy. I have the SECRETS for you to win the battle against the creepy crawlers, to pound them into powder puffs - read all of my share.

Right now, most of us just want a break from these ugly beasts. to be released from witnessing so much destruction. We would rather watch as they crumble in their own evil

stinking poop. Every human is born with primal instincts that forewarn that danger is forthcoming. But societal programming starting in grade school has diminished and even blocked many humans' biological and spiritual DNA functioning to ward off and defend from the super natural danger. All that shaming, blaming and guilting to not be a freethinker, to manipulate your intelligence, to be a clone or mask that your super powerful anomaly; seriously messes with your gifted psyche.

I recently received a dm on IG from a high profile social media star telling me that my psychic vision and premonitions were true. Luckily, I had a scary dream of what was happening to her, a hidden agenda by someone that wanted to hurt her. That information empowered her to take action once she started seeing that things were unwinding just as I had told my dream. She said the dark force energy was so corrupt that it was stalking her, their cult was known for trafficking children and women. There are all sorts of criminals walking Mother Earth, hosting energy that is here to destroy human kindness. But you have the power to do something impactful. You can shift this world and battle the evil & win for the creation of GOOD!

Every single time you feel that nausea or the energy spiraling to the bottom of a dark place, know it's not who you are, it's another entity battling you full force and it is relentless unless you fight back. You have the tools to battle the creepy crawlers and I would ask that you write this down or cut & paste to do a check in every day, starting today, with my SECRETS. October will lead into a brutal November and the rest or the year will not be peaches and cream. Think more like whipping mud and slinging fire balls.

SECRETS: Battling the Creepy Crawlers

  1. Wand: Your mind holds the power to see what any Crawler is trying to achieve. More than ever, currently they are smitten with ballsy arrogance. The trauma that they have caused the world, your life for years, for centuries is unfolding out in front of you as the most ridiculously draconian movie you have ever seen. See what you see and then imagine, visualize and create a new movie in your mind. Envision people laughing, hugging and sharing beautiful unity. Shut down, lock out and block all the bad visuals. The Crawlers want you to hold their produced movie in your head to cause chaos in your mind. They want you to be mentally locked in seeing their movie, to spread the feeling of doom. Change the story, shift lives - with your WAND!

2. Sword: Your actions speak louder than words. But talking is also action. Be the

example every single day by battling back the urge to narrate the Crawlers doom

movie. Take the stage back and talk about things we can do to help someone out,

give hugs, say "good morning" to every person you see when out in public, let

someone in the car line up and laugh at those that are determined to be miserable.

Turn the doom into comic and goodwill relief. Donate time to a children in need in

your area, help out the disabled and only preach a list of things we can do to help each

other to be empowered & be the inspiration. Be the human kindness - with your


Never stop knowing how vital you are to all the new shifts that are happening in the world right now. We are collectively changing this world into new beginnings every single moment. Your participation is already showing signs of differentiating who is here to make this world a better place and what is actually creeping around trying to stop us! Love Skye


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