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Passion With A Purpose - Small Business

Why follow your heart? Because opening the doors to a business is freeing, bold, beautiful & it's most likely, your life purpose. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people talk or make attempt to open a small business, before they do enough hardcore research. Passion is a beautiful drug to feed your veins with adrenaline. But the brains of your business needs more than a heart beat to be a rock star.

Small business owners can strategize success in a dog-eat-dog-world
Opening A Business Takes Ballz!

Factually, I have collaborated in opening hundreds of brick & mortar and e-commerce businesses from the 'ground up.' Today, it's estimated there are up to 24 million e-commerce businesses and over a million brick & mortar businesses in the USA. I always get the question, what should I do first? See below, I have a little short gift for you to find out if being a self-employed business owner is really for you (see below).

Purpose or Pipe Dream Questions:

  1. Are you comfortable sticking to a dedicated & consistent work schedule - self discipline of managing yourself?

  2. Do you feel comfortable out-sourcing, hiring and managing a team of humans to support your business (website, public relations, marketing, C.P.A., profit & loss accounting, etc.) or are you able do it all yourself?

  3. Will you take the time to complete a business plan (all the strategy, financial analysis, branding, marketing, competition research, demographic target report, budget & profit projections, full business bio & credentials, personal resume) and honestly factor whatever your need to build it?

  4. Who or what is supporting you as your business is being launched & built?

If you answered yes to all the questions and have figured out how to financially support yourself while you launch & operate your business - your ready for the next step. Always curate a business plan, boss of you - 100%! In fact, you should update your business plan every quarter & really think hard client/customer feedback. That feedback based on your sells, comments & referrals is your barometer for success. Part of being a true entrepreneur is the willingness to shift.

Most important, your business has to provide a benefit to a targeted & ample sized audience that needs what you have. Otherwise, it's a no go, Opening a small business is growing one feather at a time to make your bird fly! Be the ARTist of YouR LiFe ~ Skye Shadow

Skye Shadow is of Germanic, Celtic & Iroquoian, spiritual-magical descendant. She is a Writer, Artist, Empowerment Speaker, Life Crafter & Entrepreneur Coach. Every creation tells a story transcended through her ancestral roots. As a Creative, she is willing to be vulnerable: colors speak to her emotions; crafted symbols have soulful meaning, hidden secrets & mystical energy are curated to speak her language to you. Skye is the owner of Princess Rock iT (her artistic creations) & Creatives Sanctuary (a safe mind haven to seek, explore & discover your creative self)


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