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My Lips Shall Never Be Sealed About Sharing And Caring

Growing up, many of us children were taught by the church, movies or cartoons, that evil is a non-human, giant red scary creature with horns, a spiked tail, carries a lethal weapon with

him at all times and has super powers to snatch you any time you are bad. Jesus was depicted as the good one, a human man, wearing a beautiful white robe, symbolizing purity, with beautiful-perfect wavy hair and mesmerizing eyes and if you were good, you would receive presents on his dedicated birthday. So, I never imagined as a child that humans could be evil. I believed at the time, I would see the devil non-human creature before it snatched me - I would escape before it confronted me and jabbed me with it's pitchfork.

I found out real quick when I moved to the big city that there was a surplus of of greedy corrupted humans that had no defined evil physical appearance, income status or intelligence - it's all about motives. The devil creature apparently had body snatched a lot of humans. I had to find out the hard way that my roots would need to dig in and anchor my heart the rest of my life. To this day, my body shakes when I feel evil lurking in my energy field. Maybe if I would have started out under different circumstances, I would be numbed out. But I still believe I would still feel the creepy and sickening download of something getting ready to feed off someone's heart.

I was taught by my parents that I was blessed to get hand me down clothes from my older cousin, eating leftovers was savoring the cooks work, having a community garden brought the community together and spending time with family was the wealth. It was expected to donate extra food, clothing and we never imagined stuffing our house with things we didn't use every single day. We didn't have bullies in my school because all of us were bonded by unity of sharing because what we had - we shared. Any outsider that showed up to bully or just take, only lasted a day, they had no power because we would not tolerate greed, so they left. We didn't bend!

Whatever you believe to be true, in every human, our spirt knows the difference between good versus evil and what sharing really means. Greed of everything seems to be the mental illness that appears to have saturated every wok of life today. Over consumption has been marketed, manipulated to be "okay" while we have 2.5 plus million children that are homeless today in the USA (National Center on Family Homelessness). In 2019, more than 1 in 7 children—10.7 million—were food insecure, meaning they lived in households where not everyone had enough to eat (Children's Defense Organization).

So when you see anyone gorging themselves with food, flaunting their stuffed closets of clothes and complaining that they just don't have enough in their home full of recent A M A Z O N & Uber Eats or Gourmet Food deliveries, ask yourself, did they share, did I share, how much do we really need? Can we share more, give more and realize that some people have hit big roadblocks or rough times and we must choose sides, are we going to be the good and share or believe that over consumption is okay? How much stuff do we really need to gorge/hoard into our bodies or homes, before we realize that everything we do impacts someone else that really needs our help?

Skye is an Empath, Lightworker, Mystic, Writer, Mixed Media Artist and is building a platform to empower Creative Entrepreneurs. She calls herself - The Creative Empowerist and coined “Be the Artist of Your Life” to lead a thought provoking conversation to learn your magic . After facing multiple life crushing tragedies, she emerged to craft life changing & mind shifting skills that dig deep to bust limiting beliefs. She teaches how to remove roadblocks by owning your powerful energy and how being vulnerable cultivates our greatest gift & life purpose. She believes the only way to thrive is to get on the stage of life and learn how to ascend in the most competitive culture that has existed in our life span. Skye is a mind artist of human energy and teaches to paint our life STRONG.


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