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My Car Wash Karma

Part of me is afraid to share this experience because being judged has not always been my favorite learning curve and I was washed, rinsed and dried out due to my short fused temper, punishment at it's finest. Waiting in line for the car wash yesterday, I had one of those crazy-

wild paranormal experiences that pinched my mind to remind me that my consciousness is part of the universe. Whenever I share something paranormal with my family, I can see their eyes buzzing like bees, calculating to decide if I am full of whoo-hoo cat shitz or I get a firefly spark of belief in a more expansive existence of life. They try to deny my magical powers, but I don't let them - my wand is glowing with starlight and I zap them with critical thinking when necessary.

But there is no one I know that doesn't believe that what you put out there does not come back to haunt or teach us. Most people call it karma and most believe that karma is something bad. However, karma, the definition in Hinduism and Buddhism, is "the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence” is viewed as deciding our fate in future existences. My karma snapped me at my ten dollar car wash, baby! Mom always reminded me to be careful what I wished for. Again, wishes can also be good or bad, depending on your perception.

I was fuming that I had to pay four dollars and twenty-five cents a gallon for gas, that my latte was almost six dollars and I didn't get much sleep at the Airbnb that failed to acknowledge I would be sleeping next to a service that jammed their music loud early a.m. I am a night owl and it would have been very proper on the listing to state, "night owls beware.” The funny part is that the brewery below the Airbnb was as quiet as a sleeping dog. Here I am, for the first time since college, only filling up my tank part way, determined to find gas cheaper in the next town. But there was a hook for me to spend more money, a ten dollar car wash. Bella Bleu, my car, was a dirty girl.

I could see a car through the muggy car wash window, purring in the neon lights of the pink and blue suds that were wafting across it's windows - I was in. There is something about car washes that has always made me feel giddy and I needed some giddy right now. But I didn't know that there was a ten car line up snaking around the back side of the building being fed into a very old-clunky set up like an old 80's movie. Once I found out, it was too late, I already had other cars nestled in behind me, blocking me into a commitment, a hot headed woman with no way out.

By the time I was second in line to feed through the dinosaur, I was getting salty with sarcasm and feeling no joy juice lathering across my heart. I thought to myself, what if after eating up almost an hour of my precious life span, the clunky-old carwash breaks down, when the guy in the cool jeep in front of me has his turn? Guess what? It broke and I sat there going, OMG, I just broke the car wash. There was no way it was a coincidence that the tenth car in front of me, with me being number eleven, that karma did not show that my state of mind made this action happen.

The funniest part, is that all that waiting, trying to save money with a ten dollar car wash, instead of choosing the fancier ones I really wanted, I cheated myself with my bad attitude of negativity. The universe backhanded me with some very frothy reminders that the beliefs we live with are the outcome. The good news is we can always change the outcome by changing our energy from negative to positive. With my switch up on attitude, there was absolutely no heavy traffic to slow down my travels to get home and rush into the house to tinkle (hit the toilet room) after getting washed, lathered up and rinsed by karma. Releasing myself into the wishing well that connects to the City of Seattle, made it a cleansing of the day. My human energy was back in balance with no extra charges.

Skye is an empowerment speaker, writer & mixed media artist. She calls herself - Creative Empowerist and coined “You are the Artist of Your Life” in her work. After facing multiple life crushing tragedies, she emerged to craft life changing & mind shifting skills that dig deep to bust limiting beliefs. She teaches how to remove roadblocks that stop us from cultivating our greatest gift and life purpose. She believes about thriving - not just surviving in the most competitive culture that has very existed in our life span. Skye is a mind artist of human energy.


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