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Magic Happens! Showing Up Is the First Gift. What if WE actually found joy under every "Me Tree?"

Me, myself and I is sharing how to own your magic so you can cast the JOY spell.

1-2-3 Let's do It! Draw a picture of yourself and then write down ten things that thanked you for showing up.

Tease Your Mind! What if we mindfully smiled at least one hour a day? What if you look in the mirror for five minutes and admire what a magnificent piece of art you truly are? What if every single day we made up a tune by just puckering our lips and hearing what sounds come out?

Pucker Up Imagination ! I am a woman and I was raised with my brothers. Every single day, my brothers and I would be gifted with surprising treasures, get skinned knees or a bee sting and have have an unexpected adventure. Sure, we would plan with our friends the day before where to meet, even plan for shelter if it rained and make the effort to get there. If there were no shows, my siblings and I would be the only pirates, the Kings & Queens.....the free spirits to be whatever-whomever we wanted to be. But we didn't seek a planned revelation - we just showed up and it happened! We chose to submit, risk it and let the Higher Powers lead the way.

Emotion Potion! You are letting go of every single chain link that is caging your soul and we are stirring up the pot. All the surfing of search engines on electronics, now, your going to keep a diary of every single minute you spend seeking on a flat screen. Calculate after three (3) days how much time you spent spinning your time hugging a flat screen - yes, your time is worth money. If you didn't get paid to do it, you just gave yourself away = FREE, for what? Did you create a memory? Get a "to go" box of leftovers of joy to carry you through the rest of the week?

Magical Powers Secret! One hundred people can walk down the same path and each one of them will feel, see, hear and absorb the experience different. You are going to believe that you will discover a treasure, that the unexpected will gift you and that what you feel to be the truth in the moment of time is powerful. Feelings is energy that transmits a powerful surge of impactful emotions to push the joy buttons or not. Wands up baby! A surge is coming!

Love Skye


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