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Human Energy - Learn How To Grow Your Magical Powers!

All life is made up of energy to create the world.
Your Magical Powers is Your Energy

Step 1 - Know Your Aura, The Chakras & The Subtle Bodies

We are less familiar with our bodies' subtle energy systems and more often taught to know our physical bodies and functions. But our physical body is made up of layers of vibrating energy that we can't see with the naked eye, each assigned with their own specific vibration and purpose. The energy around your physical body is commonly known as the auric field. Each of our energy points, energetic layers and subtle bodies create an interconnected field.

Our Chakras are subtle energy points, act as energy gateways or energy exchange points - literally wheels or vortexes of energy. To know and realize that any of these points can be blocked or unlocked by your internal powers or external forces is the first step of learning your magic. Keep a notebook or diary when any part of your body feels stiff, tight, heavy or in pain. Go to a Chakras & Subtle Bodies diagram and find out what area may be blocked and then feel through the why?

Step 2 - Learn the Elements

Take the time to learn your astrology chart and see which of these elements are most dominant. Every day go outside at least for 20 minutes to get connected to Mother Nature. Tune into touching the water, feeling the sun, touching all that grows on Earth, pressing your barefeet to the ground and listening to the wind or inhaling the air deeply. Afterwards, write down how your energy is affected more by one or all. In Western culture, the elements represent thematic principles of life - Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. In Eastern (Asian) culture, elements are used to describe interactions and relationships between things - Wood, Fire Earth, Metal and Water.

Step 3 - Understand the Stars

On the day and the second you were born, the stars were lined up to set up your relationship not just with the Milky Way Galaxy we live in on Earth. Think about how the observable universe is estimated to contain 200 billion to two trillion galaxies. It's time to further expand the mind outside the Milky Way, but first learn about your star chart to phantom how your energy has an impact that expands endlessly. You can go to and learn your stars & elements. Know that your energy is part of an astral grid that is an expanding arc outside the mainstream grid of society. Your magic is powerful.

Step 4 - Question the Grid

There is the matrix aka mainstream grid and the astral grid. Start researching and fact finding for information that is projected. marketed and broadcasted upon you. Remember that most search engines have paid advertisers to take you to information to sell you their ideas so you will buy or to encourage you to be a consumer of....something. That's good or bad, but remember that all information is creating emotions. Your energy is affected by the emotions & beliefs that you concoct in your mind and can create low or high energy vibrations. In essence, you completely control your responses to the world through your own human energy. Be careful what you wish for and be very mindful of what you choose to believe. In many instances, you can make your wishes or beliefs come true by attracting that energy to you. What do you choose to attract into your life?

To set up an appointment for 1 on 1, to be a part of a future workshop, to purchase art created from high vibrations energy or to learn more about future books being crafted.

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