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Fear Not! Robots Cannot Replace Humans

Don't be afraid! I am going to share some secrets about robots that will alleviate fear that's being projected to you about robots replacing you because they can't. Think about it, what assets do you have that the greedy cannot replace? Many of the most brilliant digital masterminds on the planet want power. It's a rush like no other and they have a huge desire to conquer and control the world - seriously. But are the greedy masterminds really forward thinking about Humans as they build empires to sell us products & services.

All masterminds need money to build their empires. Without you purchasing goods and services, exchanging with the commodity of hard earned cash/credit, that Humans earn working at a job - who gets rich = no one. Without humans having the cash to buy, to be consumers, there is no one to buy. Robots just need to be plugged in to recharge. Money is power and robots don't make money and buy nothing.

Robots don't dine, leisure travel, have the need to indulge in buying the latest electronics, desire entertainment, need workout equipment, fill their homes with furnishings, buy electric cars/space shuttle rides or even buy groceries. In essence, robots kill the consumers' spending power that make companies rich. Your power to buy is the vital asset for anyone to get financially rich. Robots don't create personal relationships of trust that only a human on the phone or at the checkout counter can create. We build loyalty = long term return customers. Otherwise, consumers jump ship when the next shiny one comes along with more false & short-term promises.

I don't know if any of you have watched the movie, 'I am mother" on Netflix. But possibly, more than likely in the future, the ultimate robots, built my thoughtful-mindful masterminds, will be our saving grace when the planet is so toxic, only robots can be there to rebirth Humans. Possibly robots, the ones that don't need clean air, non-toxic food or natural resources to survive, will ultimately be our saviours from all the current greed on planet Earth. Every robot that replaces a human in the workforce is one more body that is not expanding our population with humans to spend one dime.

So don't be afraid my friend, HUMANS are too important to ever be replaced. We can buy stuff that makes those masterminds greedy and rich. Without us Humans, their empires crash like every stock market. Without Humans having jobs to buy robots - it's a dead end for robot makers. Robots don't give birth to babies that spend money. Fear Not! Us humans hold the ultimate power.

I love you ~ Skye


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