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I got you! With over two decades of experience, I have successfully launched & mentored startups to million+ dollar businesses. You can count on my knowledge, ownership/investor of successful businesses & thousands of hours mentoring powerful minds through life shifting transformations.



There is an artist in every one of us that wants to be vulnerable and connect with our Higher Self.  We really want to be empowered, to live the best version of ourselves. If not, we start drowning.  Being the artist, we learn that mistakes are actually building blocks to find our true self. We learn all dimensions of our existence by being vulnerable. 

Being creative is the ultimate form of self expression, it's our direct connection to Higher Powers that elevate our entire being.  When we are creative, we become mindful of our gifts, talents, resources—creating magical energy. We unlock parts of us that are mind blowing and beautiful.  

This journey at Princess Rock iT is about Seek, Discover, Explore and Create. You will find out that you don't really expire, instead you expand your mind - time is just an illusion.  With this freedom, you set out to create a life that celebrates all of you. Then you release programs & patterns that no longer serve you.  

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