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Ringing in Your Ear - Unlock Me! Unchain Me! continued from last week...

The child in each one of us carries our ancestral faith, hope and joy for life.  Let the child be free! - Skye

The child in each one of us carries our ancestral faith, hope and joy for life. Let the child be free to reflect all of you! - Skye

Humans were painted on the Wall, adorned with bright colored patterned and vibrant clothing. The walls spoke poetry of living joy - depictions of dancing under the stars, bright orange tulips bigger than cantaloupes, overflowing baskets of fresh fruit & vegetables from the backyard garden, making Smores over the campfires, riding horses along the beach, swinging off the river bank from the biggest tree, a drummer playing in the middle of a snowstorm….life celebrated.

One by one, humans started feeling the magic reflected from the Wall, a mindful awareness of all they possessed within their Higher Self - an awakening of the heart. Before their Soul felt caged, burdened and their faith in their own existence was questionable. But now, the Wall mirrored parts of themselves that were hidden treasure boxes of knowing themselves, learning and discovering secrets that gave them insight on how to conquer sadness.

For so long, being depressed has been a popular dependency, a trend that is accepted as the “norm.” Trauma bonding became the most known love story. Why is that? Could it be, we forgot who we truly are and let someone else convince us, maybe even manipulate us that we should live in lack, fear and should be angry all the time? How did we get so lost and forget how strong, vibrant and creative we are?

But now, we have changed, woken up to something new that we are creating together. It's about believing, having faith and knowing that every day is a new beginning. Our roots are deep, legendary and as we learn once again how to nurture, heal and protect ourselves like trees - we grow new fruit. History, wounds, wars and mistakes, teach us how to grow. It’s that time once again, to create a new world our way. The old fruit turns into fertilizer for the new fruit. Our past is rich soil for the new soil - let’s toil something more magnificent than yesterday. Love Skye

Next week: How people are like pies????


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