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Repeat - Repeat - STOP!

Start, stop, go, repeat and round-round we go jumping the same Lily pads? We get so used to the same routine, we forget to learn ourselves, those around us and take leaps of faith. But then a major world wide crisis breaks out to rip the pattern to shreds. BOOM! Life

stopped to never be the same again. Time once predictable, instead, has become an invisible psychologist, in our face every second revealing things about ourselves we neve knew or forgot.

The hands of the clock, now secret agents, digging deeper with each stroke of time to reveal new layers of you. The sensory awareness of all those feelings you normally can hide by being so busy with the rat race, there is no more hiding from thyself. The mirror never lies and the force stop gave way to much time to ignore the elephant staring back from the reflection. All those hidden emotions that you unintentionally or purposefully kept tucked away are gushing out of the mirror. It's truth serum awakening to everything like never before.

Also, no more ignoring the dirty laundry that is now moldy, sticky and gross - you have no choice but to clean it up. Your entire body is on sensory overload. All of you is getting to see, feel, hear and smell every sensation in life because the patterned distractions you had are gone. The world lock down, shut down and stopping, actually cracked open every humans emotions to submit to being vulnerable. It turned out that most of us didn't really know ourselves, our friends or loved one. Was it all a façade or did we just never stop to take the time to create deep relationships?

Stopping is turning out to be starting. We found out that not only do we not really know ourselves, we also never really spent the time to get to know the ones we truly care about. It appears that many relationships were factoring just the moment and not for long life support, cheerleaders and unconditional love. When we look in the mirror, before we would just critique what we looked like or barely look into our own eyes. That stranger in the mirror deserves to be recognized by you. We all deserve to have people surrounding us that are co-creating amazing lives that give deep meaning and pure love.

Questions to ask yourself?: When is the last time you just took off and traveled to the wilderness without a plan, with your phone off and just felt your way to a destination? We spend so much time trying to predict, pushing the outcome and force filing in the grid of our life. What if we just trusted, followed our instincts and felt through our decisions to know what is right? We were taught to believe that we could plan everything, just follow the patterns of those around us. Look how it all got blown up with a world crises so unpredicted that no one could plan for it - not even world leaders.

Let's now be our own world leader, crafting a new world and take the time to discover every part of ourselves, those we love and let the grid of life naturally find it's way based on how we feel. When we look in the mirror, see our ancestors, feel the DNA of their fears, joy and experiences run through our veins. Let your heart beat be the drum to give the courage and strength to learn who you really are and be brave enough to feel deeper. Make this STOP be our new beginning of being. Love Skye

Skye Elizabeth Best known as Skye Shadow is a Germanic, Celtic, Iroquoian, Empath & a Lightworker descendant. Skye is an Empowerment Writer, Artist, Speaker, Life Crafter & Entrepreneur Coach. Every creation tells a story transcended through her ancestral roots & other creatives willing to be vulnerable: colors to speak emotions; the crafted symbols, hidden secrets & mystical energy that uniquely speak to you.


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