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Protecting Your Energetic Boundaries!

Human Energy Explosion
How do WE protect our energy?

It's time to stop pretending we have no power! Each one of us - WE have so much power that our energy is the sum of structural, physiological, energetic, mental, emotional, behavioral, spiritual, consciousness, and environmental influences. The human body - everything living - is made of ENERGY! Your unhealed pain, stress, unresolved mental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual/consciousness issues....alters universal energy. In fact, all living things are made up of molecules, atoms and when the layers are magnified under a microscope - superimposed dynamic energy is swirling as constant vibrations and made up of consciousness.

Every living thing pulses with the flow of a life force in our universe. Life is constant movement that never rests, is always vibrating - always in motion. Any excessive, deficient, or obstructed energy flow creates illness or abnormal function that IMPACTS! Know that all your thought, beliefs, emotions, and consciousness — are composed of energy. Your physical body is therefore the representation of an energy field made of superimposed dynamic segments of vibrations. Your high vibes and low vibes are real, logical and can create/break the harmony of living existence.

What can you do to protect your energy? Through your bodies energy system you are able to sense, feel and intuit everything and everyone you come into contact with. You can feel a tense atmosphere, sense danger and be left feeling utterly drained by a needy friend, colleague, stranger or family member. It makes logical & spiritual sense to learn how to protect your energy, as well as keep it energized, unblocked & cleansed. Train yourself to make these protection methods second nature - they work:

  • Mindful Space. Life is both ying and yang, negative and positive, light and dark. You cannot change that there is and always will be a mix of both elements. It's vital to be aware and notice who, what and where your energy is lifted, illuminated and energized – and who, what and where does the complete opposite happen. Purposefully training yourself to observe these shifts, will empower you to react accordingly and make the conscious decisions and choices to leave or stay in those other peoples energy field. I know it's hard but cut the cord to certain situations to protect your energy to survive & thrive.

  • Triggered emotions. Your emotions can be triggered to cause you to be overwhelmed, stressed and reactive. Learning to immediately flow into breathing techniques can prevent your energy from being disturbed & take back your peace. Close you mouth & breath gently through your nose. Concentrate on the flow of your breath in and out of your body. Observe as your breath creates the rise and fall of your chest. Let you shoulders gently relax, your jaw become unclenched....focusing on your breathing - hear your breath. Slowly count to four as you inhale & exhale with each mindful breath - in and out. To replenish your breath is to save you from becoming depleted, diminished and weakened.

  • Sealing auras. Visually you can seal off your aura and protect yourself from any person, situation or environment. Imagine yourself standing inside an enormous bubble that is glowing with radiant cosmic energy of blue, yellow, green and pink lights and/or just crystal clear, flexible and impenetrable. This bubble encompasses all of your existence and is a powerful shield that moves with you, surrounds you - is your sacred space. Create & design your own unique bubble - a 'knowing' of a surrounding armor that cannot be penetrated without your permission. Research "human energy' to understand that we are not a solid form - our high & low vibes affect our harmonious balance - armor up!

  • Ground yourself. Nature gifts immeasurable benefits of an restorative energy exchange that refreshes and bolsters our aura and our chakras - grounding us. You must get out of your head to ground your energy. Go outside and take off your shoes, place your bare feet flat on natural earth - grass - dirt - sand. Feel the connection of your feet through the natural ground and allow the energy of the earth to connect with your bodies energy system. As Earth transmit through your body, visualize the energy pulling from earth through your feet, transmitting through your body to your head. All living things are energy. Feel your body powering up from Mother Earth.

You can message me at if you would like to set up extra time to learn to build your energy fields stronger & utilize other secrets that you can use to keep your energy fluid - in balanced harmony. All CREATIVES are love, light, peace & joy - all humans are CREATIVES ~ Love Skye


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